Check Out The Latest Video For Child Of Light

Check out the latest video for Child of Light, Ubisoft's take on a JRPG. The combat system is inspired by Grandia II, and with it you can do some really neat things, like work together with a partner to delay enemies' attacks and beat tough baddies at level 1. (I played the game yesterday on PS4 — it feels great!)



      I love the music too. So beautiful.

    I don't understand why they're harping on this being a 'JRPG'. It's not. It's clearly a platformer with periodic clunky combat.

    I want to like this and it looks to be an interesting game but let's call a spade a spade.

      If Rogue Legacy (a game which is not turn based, not based on an overhead map, and where death does not terminate the game) can be described as "roguelike" then this can be described as somebody's take on a JRPG.

      The only characteristic I can think of that occurs only in JRPGs is that they are developed in Japan. They *tend* to be more strongly story-based and linear than their Western cousins. Even things like the sideways viewpoint occur in some JRPGs (Odin Sphere comes to mind.)

        I wouldn't class Odin Sphere as a JRPG either though.

        Also there are stylistic elements that are always in JRPGs. Focus on characters and their interactions, for example.

          I remember them saying "inspired by" not actually saying they were making one.

        People tend to use the term "Roguelike" incorrectly a lot as well to describe games that have a bare minimum of permadeath and/or procedurally generated levels when "Roguelike" actually implies a lot more about the design, mechanics and aesthetics. Similarly, people tend to use the term JRPG incorrectly to describe a game as an "RPG developed in Japan" or "RPG with turn based combat", when a JRPG is an RPG that incorporates Eastern aesthetics, design, mechanics and cultural influences. It just happens to be the case that most of these types of games come from Japan.

        For a fun addendum, I'm currently playing Guided Fate Paradox which is a JRPG with Roguelike elements (but isn't a full Roguelike).

    Haven't actually gotten around to watching anything about this yet. Holy crap it looks gorgeous.

    Ahhhh, no Vita on that list!

    Still, looks so good!

    This strongly reminds me of Valkyrie Profile. Especially since it's platforming with visible enemies that take you to a battle sequence. It also makes me think of Faery: Legends of Avalon which was really fun to fly around in but interrupted the fun with a clunky turn based battle system. I'm disappointed that they went with turn based battles as it feels like this should have been a game more along the lines of Aquaria or a Metroidvania.

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