Commander Shepard And The Gang Want To Thank You. A Lot.

Hey, did you play Mass Effect? Did you enjoy it? If you answered yes then do I have a treat for you. This nifty little video features just about every major voice actor in the Mass Effect series and they want to thank you for playing.

It was made to celebrate the first N7 day, celebrating the five year anniversary of the release of the original Mass Effect. Oh God. Was it that long ago? Stop moving in a linear forward direction time! JUST RELAX WOULD YOU?

There seems to be a lot of cool stuff going on at the official Mass Effect site, so that's worth checking out.

While I've got you, we might as well chat Mass Effect. What are you hoping for in the next game? Do you even want another Mass Effect game? I'm not too sure. I feel as though the stakes were about as high as they could get in the original trilogy, so I'm not completely convinced I want to return to that universe to do something that isn't saving the universe. The flipside of that is the incredible universe that BioWare created for the series — it would suck for all that to go to waste.

I guess what I'm looking for is to be surprised. I think that's possible. I hope it happens.


    I'd love another Mass Effect, but I have no idea what they could do that wouldn't end up as a sub-par game.
    I guess there are tonnes of prequel options, but still...same concern.

      Dude there doing a mass effect 4. It wont involve shepard in any way shape ir form.

    I sort of feel like Star Wars where as much as I'd enjoy it I'd sort of rather not have it be another Jedi story. It's such a rich universe full of untold stories that while you like Luke Skywalker you sort of want to see a story about a bounty hunter, or a smuggler, or a regular Rebel pilot who doesn't know jack about the Force. Mass Effect was cool, but I think an RTS could be amazing. A smaller scope linear story set almost entirely on Omega. Playing as a Turian fighter pilot on the losing side of the Reaper war would be pretty sweet (although the ending would be locked into... that whole thing).

    There's so much potential there that it feels like a waste to make another awesome Mass Effect game.

    And now I want to replay ME3.

      The multiplayer for ME3 is so solid. If that were made into a MMO, I would play the shit out of it.

        I played a chunk when it came out.


        The multiplayer was fun but I couldn't cope with that unlock system. It was downright terrible.

        An absolute shame really.

        ME3 Multiplayer was so damn good - I miss my Batarian Soldier...

        If Bioware made a game that was ME3 style co-op multiplayer using the Star Wars license I would lose my shit

          Human engineer. Every damn time. Fire, Electrical, pistol. So solid.

      The intro for ME3 still gives me goosebumps.

      Clint Mansell did a brilliant job with the score in particular. Completely juxtaposed with the ME1 intro which was a hopeful Shephard filled with confidence whereas this one is the complete opposite; bleak and emotionally scarred from Earth's defeat.

    Have a smaller scale story, you can still have a game about saving the galaxy without it being in public knowledge. Story could be along the lines of Bond In Space™.

    Some kind of conspiracy that keeps me thinking would make me happy.

      I think that was really supposed to be the intent for the Spectres in the first place. Uncovering intrigue, combating anything that might destabilize the council - including conspiracies.

      Shepard just kind of warped the Spectre reputation because she happened to be an unstoppable juggernaut of destruction, the avatar of death incarnate, scion of fate and wielder of the galaxy's most potent destiny. It'd be kinda cool to go back to explore the fate of a Spectre who would be a bit more like, say... Nihlus.

      They have to scale it back a bit, but unfortunately I think they're going to HAVE to try and amp it up, given how much people bitched about Hawke in DA2. I actually know many people who complain that they WANT to be the scion of destiny, child of fate, blahblahfantasybullshit instead of a nobody who made it big out of dumb luck, looking out for only their family instead of the entire world, and being in very much the wrong place at the wrong time but refusing to die. I loved that angle, but some people hated that. They wanted to be all, "Chosen One, you must kill the dragon and save the world!" Again. YAWN.

      I would LOVE to see that - i am thinking something along the lines of the Imperial Agent's storyline like in SWTOR, It was easily the best story out of the 8 stories there and was just jam-packed full of cool espionage moments while you are off chasing a shadowy conspiracy. As has already been said they already have the pieces (Spectres, Shady Organisations and Planets) and all they need to do is string them together.

      Regardless of whether it turns out to be anything resembling this or not, i am pumped for any more information that might be coming soon (VGA's is probably too soon, E3 is likely)

      This would be smaller scale than saving the galaxy, but your post made me think of the Salarian STG. A game where you're a salarian under command of Kirrahe (hold the line!) could be pretty sweet!

      This a thousand times. A small spectre team investigating a major crime syndicate who want to do something big but not end of the universe. Taking advantage of the chaos of the post-reaper universe to move their own people into positions of power to create a new hostile power bloc. Some proper cold war spy stuff.

      Making it coop capable with a similar kind of dialogue system that SWTOR uses and that would be an ideal game for me

    Ashley's voice makes me swoon. XD

    I'd LOVE a new Mass Effect. I think there's a lot of potential for a game set after the events of ME3. The galaxy is trying to rebuild from the attacks of the Reapers, and with most armies lost in the previous battles, there's a massive power vacuum that different races and factions are fighting to gain control of. You could buy a ship, hire a crew and then run smuggling missions (like in Firefly!). You could choose to align yourself with a race/faction, or maybe try to seize power for yourself.
    Also, being able to choose our race, instead of just being a human, would be awesome. Because I really want to play a single-player campaign as a Quarian.

      This would be awesome. Buying a piece of junk ship and fitting it with upgrades. Fixing it when it breaks down mid flight would be intense. Kind of like FTL but in first person and in the ME Universe. This is starting to sound like star citizen now lol. I would like exploration to be a big part of the game, going to all the far out places in the universe where there is less authority would be fun.

      This sounds really cool. Generally I'm hoping they do a story from before (or during) The Shepard trilogy timeline. Something that isn't about Reapers preferably as there's so much galaxy to explore. But reading your post I'm seeing how a game set in the aftermath of ME3 could be pretty damn awesome!

    I'd like some actual space combat (the spaceship in a large, fleet scale, battle kind and the floating space gunplay kind, like in the second to last level in Ghosts ) and maybe the whole game doesn't have to be so grand in scope... or involve such galaxy spanning choices (wether they actually have an impact or not).

    Also, I'd really like it if they removed the romance.
    It just feels so tacky... y'know. Or, if they don't remove it, then do something different with it.
    There are people out there who just aren't attracted to you, maybe have it so that choosing all the correct options still has them not want to sleep with you.

    And please, please, please mo-cap better dancing animations.

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      Agree with everything except the romance thing. While it could seem a bit awkward at times I personally felt it made me care about the characters more. Oh Traynor you were pretty cute/funny :P

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      "have it so that choosing all the correct options still has them not want to sleep with you."

      So, just like a real relationship, then?

        That was my point.

        Most people are more complex than vending machines, where you keep inserting coins until you get your skittles.

      When I was tooling around with the editor in neverwinter nights I was planning to make an anti-romance. No matter what character you picked or how you played them, the love interest wanted the exact opposite, eg: if your character was female & the love interest was male, he was gay. It was a meticulously designed plan to leave your character with blue balls. If I ever get back into editing story driven games again I must resurrect the idea.

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    I was burned so badly...

    I mean why should I bother when things got stupid towards the end?

    Why should get emotionally invested again if it could blow up in my face again

      I sort of agree with you but I'm forcing myself to just focus on the fact ME and ME2 were brilliant, and ME3 was an awesome ending if you disregard the final 20 minutes.

        I see what you mean, it's not only me3s ending but more that I don't trust EA

    Happy N7 day, we'll bang ok?

    You know where you go after having built a world and then saved it? You start telling the personal stories within that world, like dragon age 2. But it turns out people hated that (not me) so instead expect Mass Effect 4 to ratchet the scale up over 9000!!! bio-organic reapers, turian facist overlords and more asari strippers than you can poke an omni tool at. It'll be stupid and shallow and I blame you.

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