Conan O'Brien Weighs In On YouTube's New Comment System

Or, rather, he kind of pokes fun at it, like everyone else on the internet is doing.

The new Google+ integrated commenting system is meant to get rid of exactly the kind of comments that Conan is making fun of in the video above. How successful that's been so far remains to be seen, especially since the comments on his own video currently look like this:

Conan O'Brien Weighs In On YouTube's New Comment System


    First! :)

      Or not...check timestamps for other comments :P

    I get that people are protesting but I am getting sick of the tanks spammed everywhere, if it was smaller and part of every comment they made it would be tolerable.

    Otherwise it's just spam, I'm surprised Google has gotten smart and filtered that post out.

    Don't want to spam (and I know I suck at sale pitches), but guys; check this out though. I programmed an extension to provide an experience more like the old YouTube comment system.
    I think it's much too easy to spam on the YouTube comment system!
    It's also gotten rid of the stupid "disable reply" feature. It also ads back the old character limit; and the report spam button! :D
    You can also add filters, like filtering spam comments or bob comments..
    It isn't perfect yet, but I'd love feedback! :D
    Thanks :)

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