Meet The First Guy To Buy A PlayStation 4

Meet The First Guy To Buy A PlayStation 4

Congrats to this guy, Mr. Joey Chiu, for being the first person in line to buy a PlayStation 4 at Sony's New York PS4 event. He says he's gonna play either Resogun or Knack first, after which he will presumably be going to Disneyland.

Watch the happy fella get his console:

Not bad. And if you were paying attention...

Meet The First Guy To Buy A PlayStation 4

…that's what winning looks like, folks.


    He gets his handed to him while I'll probably have to punch half a dozen people at jb to get mine.

      But would you really wan't to trade off the thrill of a PS4 brawl?

        True that a good bit of brawling makes the purchase seem more valuable.

    SMASH MY PS4 DOT COM hahahaha oh that would have been glorious..

    The actual first person waiting in line or the person that Sony planted in first place?

      agreed. they also did a "special delivery" to that fat fuck bastard that pretends to be a retard. what's his name? Francis. This is why I hate Sony, and this arsehole for doing this. There are real kids in need out there. some kids even have the issues he is pretending to have. Now Satire is great. I love black comedy. but this shit is fucking disgusting

    This dude was NOT the first person to get a PS4! I live in Guam and we got ours several hours before anyone in the states purchased theirs.

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