Cops Called For Underboob Cosplay Controversy

Cops Called For Underboob Cosplay Controversy

Last weekend, there was a big anime event in Singapore called Anime Festival Asia. Many cosplayers showed up. And so did the police.

According to forum Singapore HardwareZone, an older woman called the police after seeing a cosplayer dressed as the character Ryuko Matoi from popular anime Kill la Kill. The outfit was Ryuko’s battle gear, which displays underboob.

HardwareZone commenters say that the older woman was apparently attending a church service (or event) in the same convention center and was offended by what she saw.

Website OnePixelJump reports the two got in an argument over the costume and that resulted in the police showing up. Apparently, no one was arrested, though the cosplayer was reportedly shaken by the entire incident.

Note: The above image was edited for the privacy of both the Kill la Kill cosplayer and the woman who complained.

Kill la Kill Episode 7 “A Loser I Can’t Hate” 30 Second PV and a Warning for Cosplayers [OnePixelJump]
ugry incident at AFA juz now [Singapore HardwareZone]


  • I have only seen the first episode so far, but Kill la Kill is pretty insane. Sucks this woman got harassed, but there’s still a large segment of the population that thinks our bodies are horrific monstrosities and can’t bear (bare?) the sight of them.

  • awesome anime and at first I thought it was stupid but I suggest people watch it if you like Gurren Lagen.

    • I have heard this so many times that i’ve now caved and am now downloading all the eps out. I watched the first episode when it came out and binned the show immediately thinking it was just stupid.

          • Generic robot anime? There is nothing else like Gurren Lagen at all. You have to try name another anime that has a battle where they hurl celestial bodies of galaxies? It is anything but generic.

        • Never heard about Gurren Lagen. i was referencing Kill la kill as that is what the article is about and how both Arch and myself found it stupid, which is why i stopped watching it.

  • That’s some serious pearl-clutching. Even if it was undress on any other day, why call the cops?

  • Because religious folk always know what is best for us non believers, because I don’t believe in their dear and fluffy Lord they take it upon themselves to try and guide us down the path and save our souls. Pointless exercise really!

  • The older woman should’ve minded her own business (which, from my experience, is quite hard for the devout). The poor cosplayer wasn’t bothering anyone. I get that people get offended by things, but pick and chose your battles and don’t make a fuss out of a non-issue. Women’s rights? Major issue. Cosplayer willingly showing underboob while dressed as a favorite character at a convention? Non-issue.

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