Crazy Man Puts Computer Inside Arm (Without Help From Doctors)

Crazy Man Puts Computer Inside Arm (Without Help From Doctors)

German Tim Cannon is a "biohacker". That unsightly bulge on his arm there is where he stuck a giant computer chip beneath his skin, which transmits his biometric data to Android devices. Which will be interesting data and all but oh God just look at those stitches.

The chip is kept safe because it's sealed inside a protective case. The device is powered via a battery, which can be charged wirelessly, so hey, at least Tim doesn't have to plug his arm in to give it juice.

The craziest part about all this is that, as he explains in an interview with Motherboard, no certified doctor could ever perform the operation required to get the chip inside his arm. Because it's nuts. So he instead had to get help from "body modification enthusiasts", the type of people who put stuff like horns under their foreheads.

The guy who ended up doing the job was one such enthusiast by the name of Steve Haworth. Because Steve isn't a medical professional, he wasn't licensed to use anaesthetics. So, yeah. Ugh.

Using open source code, the device - called a Circadia - is going on sale soon for around $US500. Installation price not included.

The DIY Cyborg [Motherboard]


    Could this ever become cancerous? Waves constantly passing through your skin, especially wireless charging? Not very educated in this matter, but it kinda freaks me out

      Wireless charging is probably the least of his worries. If you've heard anything about the hundreds of women being poisoned by leaking breast implants, you'd know shoving silicone in your body isn't a great idea.
      Computers are a death trap of arsenic, silicon, cadmium, lithium and other metals - if that 'protective case' gets a hole in it, or if the battery leaks, the guy would get metal poisoning instantly.
      But hey, having that put into your arm without anesthesia is amazing, so each to their own.

    Geez the battery would get hot when you charge it.

    To be honest, that device is about 100x bigger than anything you'd seriously consider implanting in your body. But hey, to each his own...

    Oh dear. So he's put a presumably non-sterile object under his arm (assuming he doesn't have access to gamma radiation as an autoclave won't cut it for an object like this), and he chose to give it pointy edges. Pointy edges and taut overlying skin are huge risks for skin erosion,

    *body modification enthusiasts, the type of people who put stuff like horns under their foreheads... And tattoo artists, and heavyweight bodybuilders, and plastic surgeons, and piercers.

    Body moification is an incredibly blanket term, not just for that one extreme. Geez, where's Patricia when we need her? :p

      Exactly. This is how people get the wrong idea about terms and associate them with the extremes.

      All but bodybuilders in that list sound ridiculous and extreme to me.

      But hey, some people see things with different eyes *shrug*. I personally don't like the idea of injecting a needle into me to "ink" my skin, or putting holes in sections of my body so bits of metal can hang through them. Some people love the idea.

    That will become infected and he'll likely need to remove it and go on an Xtreme(!) case of anti-biotics so he doesn't have to have his arm amputated. This is the evolution of self-mutilation. Kind of like the pain olympics where people chop off their ding-dongs without anesthetic... Not cool

    Unless it was to benefit seriously ill people, why would you do it?

      Well you'd have to be seriously mentally ill to want to do something so ridiculous so I guess there's that!

    Sick aug bro

    Geeze, this is even stupider than the guy who inserted magnets under the skin in his wrist so he could wear an iPod Nano like a watch. All I can think of in this case is that scene with the cell phone in The Dark Knight.

    Last edited 02/11/13 10:14 pm

    Each to his her or own , but fuck me that looks really big. While I'm a fan of body-augs, this looks like an accident waiting to happen.

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