Crytek Explains The New Combat System In Ryse

"Give the bloodthirsty crowd what they want," says the voiceover, "and you'll win fame and fortune." He's talking about the co-operative mode in Ryse, the launch title for the Xbox One, but really he could be talking about Ryse itself. In this new brutal gameplay demonstration, Crytek is attempting to explain Crytek's controversial combat system. Prepare to watch multiple limbs in the process of being hacked off.

I'm not a big fan of the direction Ryse is taking its combat, but I may be the exception here. Timing and precision isn't rewarded visually in Ryse, it's rewarded with experience points, which can then be used to upgrade and unlock different attacks, different executions. It's a all a bit strange in my opinion. I think immediate feedback in a video game is directly related to the pleasure you have whilst playing. When you see, immediately, that you've been successful, that feels good. It feels rewarding. From what I've played, Ryse doesn't really give players that feeling.

But you can't deny that it looks fantastic, and I remain intrigued by it. The above video does a good job of sharing Crytek's side of the story, its reasoning for building the combat system like it has.

The videos below show off more of Ryse's gameplay in the wild.



    Mark, were you at the Microsoft presentation at PAX Aus?
    I got the impression there that no one in the crowd gave a toss about the Ryse gameplay demo. Or the Killer Instinct one for that matter. You're right, it looks great. But that's about it.

      That's pretty much what he says here, and has said in previous articles: "I’m not a big fan of the direction Ryse is taking its combat"

      This guy makes it sound awesome I have it preordered, love me some coop hack n slash, if only the whole story was coop.

      I was there. I dont think anybody cared because it was the exact same footage we've all seen.

        The demo I saw had someone on stage playing it. I don't know if it was a bug or they had changed some settings so the player couldn't die but at one point the person playing was getting beaten and it said, "You Died" on the screen but the game continued. There were a lot of confused faces looking around the room.

          haha thats right! yeh i'd say it was a demo'd version to ensure they dotn have to go through it all again if they die.

    I don't know what to do with this one. On one hand I want to play it, on the other hand not $99 desperate to do so. :(

      EB, buy it finish it then decide within 7 days to return it.
      I was always going to get this on launch because I love the theme, it's looking more and more like it'll be a keeper though.

    But you can’t deny that it looks fantastic

    I dunno. It does look fantastic but you look at him slicing away at guys and it doesn't really feel like anything is happening. Going by that video if you slice a guy in the chest it doesn't do any damage. Sort of like how lightsaber battles always work. You whack a guy fifty times and it does nothing, but if you attack him the right way his arm comes off at the same place every time.
    It does look good on a tech level, and I think I'll enjoy it hands on even though it's not really my sort of game, but it's still got that vibe like stab him 50 times in the chest to do stat damage, but wait for the 51st stab to finish him off in a cut scene and do the visual damage.

    I think that's one area where the Arkham series had it easy. Batman doesn't shoot or stab anyone, so you can punch a guy a dozen times and as long as he stumbles back after each hit it feels like someone actually punched him. The non-lethal attitude really allowed it to come off as super cinematic which is what I think Ryse is aiming for and not quite reaching.

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    It feels like they are trying to use the formula from God of War where a specific combo actually rewards player with more orbs which can be used to upgrade weapon. Something like DmC as well? It's quite the standard nowadays with action games.

    I'm still hoping it is a great game as it was the reason why I preordered by X1 and left out PS4 for next year.

    Random thought: they should use this engine to make Shenmue 3.
    It looks like the sane game mechanics.

    A demo or free trial of this is desperately needed once the console launches I feel. I'm a big fence sitter of this at the moment and seeing as Watchdogs is next year now, I wouldn't mind something with a decent single player to get into. (BF4 has my multiplayer covered)

    So it's not fun at all....I might get it, and see - can always take it back.

    If this was on PC, I'd buy it for sure. Not wasting my money on a pos box.

    this heavily feels like batman arkham game's combat, not really a bad thing. but based on the previous crytek games, i know there wont be much of a story here.

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