DataJack Is Your Free, Isometric Cyberpunk PC Game For Today

Someone spends half a decade working on a game, you expect they’d release it with a price tag attached. Not so with DataJack, which, after a solid five years of development, has been released to the world, free, so we can all enjoy it with immediacy.

Self-described by developer Epic Banana as a “2D cyberpunk stealth action / RPG game”, DataJack packs a fair chunk of content in its digital frame, especially considering it was made by a single guy and you don’t have to pay a cent for it.

According to the official website, you’ll work your way through 24 mission using 28 “unique [and] modifiable” weapons, a bunch of gadgets and various cybernetic implants. It also features destructible terrain, so feel free to go crazy with those in-game explosives, kids.

While you don’t have to purchase the game, the developer has popped a donate button on its website, if you feel inclined to spare a few coppers for its work.

On a related note, the visuals and theme instantly reminded me of Black Annex, being worked on by Victorian Lance E. McDonald. This is a good thing, though perhaps not for Lance if he’s the jealous type (FYI, he’s the cool type).

DataJack [Desura, via Reddit]

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