Dead Rising 3 Is Going To Be The Best Mega Man Game In Ages

Dead Rising 3 Is Going To Be The Best Mega Man Game In Ages

Come for the zombies, stay for the robot boy dress-up party. Capcom's Dead Rising 3 once again lets its protagonist don fabled armour from the fan-favourite franchise, gifting a Mega Man X costume to any brave soul who completes the game. The Mega Buster, on the other hand, (ha!) takes some work.

Completing the game is enough for the armour, but the gun requires players defeat Dead Rising 3 on nightmare mode, which sounds like a lot of work. It'll all be totally worth it, if this Polygon-featured gameplay trailer is any indication.

If that's not a reason to own an Xbox One, then I am way overstating the importance of a Mega Man X costume.

Dead Rising will once again let you dress up like Mega Man X [Capcom Unity]


    omfg that is amazing cant waiiiit!

    I wish this game wasn't exclusive to Xbox One :(

    Probably the closest thing we'll get to a new Mega Man X game.

    Nah, Mighty No.9 is going to be the best Mega Man game in ages.

    Maybe I'm uneducated, but what's nightmare mode?
    Is it just harder? No continues?

      nightmare mode is basically the dead rising 1 model.

      You're on a fixed timeframe and can only save in toilets, plus the normal enemies do a butt tonne more damage dealy

        Oh, so the 'normal' game is actually 'easy'?
        Fair enough.

          I think it's not so much easy as just less restrictive than the other games. Although I've always felt like half the complaints could be dealt with by the game just clearly explaining that it's ok to let some people die in order to do the case files. Most of the people I knew who complained about the time restraints were trying to save everyone (one of them didn't even realise you could save multiple people at once). They'd spend so much time rescuing of the unimportant people they'd miss the case file.

          It's the aspect I'm most nervous about in DR3. I feel a little like they've changed the game rather than just making the appropriate 'normal difficulty' way to play it feel more natural/explaining things a little better.

            Yeah, I saw that complaint a lot.

            I think a lot of people also didn't realise that you could still keep playing and "finish" the game without completing the cases. In fact, I think most of the endings required not finishing the cases.

            For whatever reason, I pretty much knew how it worked from the start. I even restarted several times near the beginning, so I could start the game at a higher level.

    That's always a little rough to watch knowing it's only a few tweaks away from being Mega Man Legends 3. But that's ok because pretty soon I'm going to be playing it not watching it. Can't wait.

    Starting to think about getting a Dayone XBone now just to smash this and Forza

      Now when you say smash...

        Thrash - play vigorously for multiple hours... I am being made redundant from my place of employment in December so I have plenty of time lol

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