Decades Of Horror Game History, Condensed Into Three Gory Minutes

I love this, but where do I go to complain about the lack of System Shock 2? NOTE: This video is NSFW. It is also not for the squeamish. Lotsa gore in here, folks.

The short was created by a UK-based three man group to accompany their Kickstarter for a documentary series about horror video games, but really, it stands pretty well on its own. In three minutes, we get to experience a comprehensive (if System Shock 2-less) history of horror gaming, with brief moments from both indie and triple-A games, retro and modern alike.

History Of Horror Video Games In 3 Minutes [Vimeo] Playing With Fear - The World Of Horror Video Games [Kickstarter]


    Unless I'm mistaken... this seems very console focussed

      Plenty of PC games in the mix there too.

      It looks like the majority of their interviews are going to be with indi developers, so you're going to get a pretty heavy PC focus from that part of the doco.

        All good, I was drunk while writing

    Good lord that damd girl pulling out veins and ripping out bone near the end! Don't know why but that was the most shocking bit...the rest is meh, seen it before.
    What game is it from?

    How many of those were refused classification and had to resubmit with gore taken out here in Aus?

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