Dem Battlefield Moments: Talk About A Close Call In Battlefield 4--the Player Had To Stop Piloting A

Dem Battlefield moments: talk about a close call in Battlefield 4 — the player had to stop piloting and start repairing before the aircraft hit the ground. Just baaarely does. Damn! (h/t r/gaming)


    Where to begin with this article...

    - No header (or broken, including page content in it)
    - Fairly regular move in high level BF
    - stolen from reddit

    10/10, got me riled.

    Last edited 01/11/13 7:04 pm

      Dude, all content is stolen or sourced from somewhere else. If it didn't nothing would get done.

      -A simple mistake one that is easily fixed as when I clicked on the article everything was showing.

      -It may be a fairly regular move, but still stuff like this is pretty neat.

      -And I think she just found some neat Gif and decided to share it with us here on Kotaku, I see nothing wrong with that.

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        The header is still broken. If she found it great, she should post on it twitter - this isn't a personal blog.

      The thing is that by you clicking on the article to complain, you are actually helping Kotaku financially. Thank you, kind sir, please continue to complain on as many articles (or non) as you like :D

        Not with adblock. :)

          Dude man don't, don't adblock KotakuAu
          Yank authors don't get paid for our hits, at this point you're just helping our Australian staff out.

            Holy shit - turned off adblock and now Kotaku is alive

    ^ All this. Nothing new Patricia.

      Yeah, this is kinda par for the course from the US Kotaku contributors.

    Seriously why wouldn't you just post this as a picture link on twitter rather than devoting an article page to it.

      Because once a day Hernandez likes to make pretend shes a journalist...

        Twice today! Don't forget her award winning effort involving a lizard with cardboard strapped onto it!!!

          A classic that one. It'll be remembered through the ages.

        Man she must really be good at pretending as this is one of the best articles I have read on the internet, written by Patricia.

        Last edited 01/11/13 9:07 pm

          That was a pretty good article. Well written.

            It was, unfortunately you can't judge a journalist off just one article.

      You say that like articles are a limited resource or something.
      "click, oh neat, done. THAT WASTED SO MUCH OF MY PRECIOUS TIME!"
      If you weren't interested, then don't clickey.

      Also: Not everyone uses the twitter demon.

    i reckon this person would have crashed into the huge mountain that was right in front of them before it ended

    Some of us don't do facebook, twitter, this chan or that chan or that reddit thing. So the next time you want complain about an article like this, think of us, sitting here looking at this page that I otherwise would not have seen. That being said, what a lazy pseudo-journalist. These piss poor click-baiting pages need to stop, or at the very least flesh them out a lot. Two damn lines does not make one whole article.

    Well I for one don't play the BF series and appreciated this little GIF

    Was doing this in BF3. Because of how its vehicles worked without pilots you safely hit the ground no problems.

    All I read is a bunch of cocky dicks unhappy with their free Article updates. You're doing fine Patricia, Battlefield 4 really is that fun!

    This is seriously a common move in BF3 lol. so much wow. such repair. too many amaze

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