​Diablo III Expansion's BlizzCon Trailer Leaks

A nifty new trailer for the first major Diablo III expansion, Reaper of Souls, has popped up in a number of places on YouTube.

The trailer, which Blizzard was likely planning to debut during this weekend's BlizzCon festival, shows off a number of new features for the expansion, including, for a few moments, some sweet ponies. Worth giving it a watch, in case it gets taken down.

What do you guys think? Enough to get you back playing Diablo III?


    I would have been a lot more excited for an offline mode

    Probably not. I regret spending money on D3. It was boring, the story was low quality and once the RMAH was created it was Pay to Win... Plus online single player was terrible.

      They are getting rid of the RMAH.

        And hopefully they will be announcing that online will now be optional at Blizzcon.......... i am not holding my breath though.

    They better not f*ck with my uber toon paragon levels.

    That looks like they're adding a lot of things that the vanilla edition missed.

    The extra modes mean that you can do loot runs and whatnot without having to deal with hearing about Leah all the goddamned time. Which is nice.

    The mystic looks nice, although I think that was cut content from the original. Yet it doesn't really change the fact that at its core, Diablo is a game about loot and the loot system sucked.

    Once I feel like the loot is fixed - and monks are less shit - I might pick this up. For now, I'll play Path of Exile which basically feels like an unpolished Diablo 2 with an interesting skill system.

    Yeah I am enjoying PoE and Grim Dawn a lot more then i did D3.
    Although both aren't as pretty they are both more interesting in my opinion.
    Though playing D3 on the PS3 made it a bit better for me because I didn't have to worry about always online and thus being killed by bloody lag.
    As I (and everyone else) expected though D3 definitely feels like it was made to be a console game rather then a PC one.

    Edit: This was meant as a reply to @trjn

    Last edited 08/11/13 11:08 am

      Grim Dawn question:
      I know its still in Alpha / Beta or whatever, but the vids i've seen of Grim Dawn seem to be a bit.... jerky. not like low frame rate exactly, but i dunno... a bit off?

      does that come across in the actual game?

        Not that I noticed.
        It ran smooth for me.
        Although if I get a chance I will get stuck into it again over the weekend and keep that in mind.

        It runs very well on my PC max settings, But im still using XP

    I really like D3, it definitely a big improvement over D2 beside the skill system. The only thing annoys me is the stupid DRM and I don't think they are going to fix that soon for the PC version. I might try to buy it on PS4 for offline mode because I really want a lag free Inferno mode :(.

      I hate to say it but I definietly found it a lot better on the PS3 for that very reason. I couldn't play the harder modes on the PC because of dying due to lag.
      Now that the are getting rid of the RMAH, and have offline mode for the PS3 I am hoping they bring it to the PC as well.

      I'm hoping the D3 release on the PS4 actually includes the expansion. That would justify me upgrading over the PS3 version. My partner and I are loving every second of co-op, single screen, demon smashing fun.

    Torchlight II gave me everything I wanted from a followup to Diablo II and at a fraction of the cost.
    Without painful DRM. With true single player.

    I have to say that I freaking love Blizzard for releasing the console version of Diablo 3.

    My Mum is a huge reason I got into gaming. She was a God in the first two Diablo games. Sadly, she also has a bad internet connection. The news that it would require an online connection shattered her. She waited a LONG time for Diablo 3. Especially after the bad taste Sacred 2 left in her mouth. She loved the first one. Bloody loves her ARPG games. We needed something new. Can only play through Crimson Alliance so many times.

    Now we can play it co-op on the 360 when we have the time in the same room, something we wouldn't have done on the PC version. Got it for for her a couple of weeks ago and she's already playing about four different characters.

      Same room co-op win! More than worth the offensive price on PS Store for us.

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