Did Call Of Duty: Ghosts Copy A Map From Modern Warfare 3?

Call of Duty: Ghosts has been having a difficult time of it recently. Reviews have been lukewarm, sales have gone down compared to previous entries and then there's the whole end sequence, which appears to lift entire animation sequences from a previous Call of Duty game. Now some fans are claiming Infinity Ward has done something similar with one of the multiplayer maps.

According to the above video, some believe that the Strikeforce multiplayer map in Ghosts lifts its layout from Dome, a multiplayer map from Modern Warfare 3.

The theory contends that if you turn Strikeforce at an angle, it's pretty much the same as Dome.

I have a couple of issues with this. To begin with, games remake maps all the time, updating them, giving them a fresh coat of paint. The only difference is that here, Infinity Ward hasn't been explicit about the process.

Not only that, but I remember Bungie actually openly attempting to pay 'homage' to earlier maps in the Halo series. Bungie was pretty open with the fact that 'Guardian' in Halo 3 was an attempt to recapture the magic of Halo 2's Lockout. Again, however, it seems like Infinity Ward wasn't quite as open, which is why people have issues I suppose.

Still, I don't see it as a major faux pas. In the walkthrough the maps don't seem that similar, and there are — I'm sure — multiple different layout rules that both Treyarch and Infinity Ward follow when it comes to the Call of Duty series — could this whole thing just be a coincidence? I'm not sure. Maybe it's best to give Infinity Ward the benefit of the doubt on this one.

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    dome is from Modern Warfare 3 not World At War....

    Bf does this but their upfront about it and its normally the most popular maps redone to suit the new engine.

      CoD does it too - Strangest thing is I actually think within Ghosts there's a recurring theme where they have added all these easter-eggs of HEAPS of games but subtly instead of people enjoying them like they did with Borderlands 2 - People just say they're lazy.

      I believe that Activision (or someone atleast) needs to point out what they were doing because from what I have seen there may be WAAAAY more easter-eggs then anyone anticipated, but I could be wrong.

      So far from not even playing the campaign myself yet I already know theres references to:

      MW2 - The opening scene
      Farcry 3 - The opening Jungle scene
      Tomb Raider - The wolves
      Zelda/Dr Who - The trophy desk
      Monty Python - Campaign joke

      Aside with a strangely hidden Teddy Bear and Gnome in multiplayer maps.

      Isn't it usually the Treyarch Zombie modes that have the crazy long conspiracies... lol

        They have that 'lazy' rep because of MW3, when they basically took MW2 and slapped a new coat of paint and the most minor MP tweak and called it a brand new game. From a business standpoint, I can understand them doing this, simply because in their eyes, 'if it ain't broke...'-- it made them (well, their Activision overlords) a shit tonne of money, so why tinker a winning formula? But I think the consumer had a far more cynical attitude towards this approach, which is why you'll see a marked difference with consumer reviews being much more negative in general. The IW CoDs have been gaining a 'been there, done that' rep with their games since around the time of MW2, and 3 only exacerbated it, so it's going to be hard for them to shake. I think this is part of the explanation of the general skepticism of CoD. Much of the rest of it would be bandwagon jumping, but I def don't need to tell you that.

        I think they're kidding themselves a bit if they think that after bludgeoning their customers' senses with lots of 'splosions and dudebro and marketing to the teen demographic since 2K9, that anyone is going to pick up on, let alone care about, subtlety now. Don't get me wrong, I love spotting Easter Eggs and picking up on references, but I don't think much of their demographic will spot them, or care...

    Dome is from MW3 not World at War.
    Infinity Ward wouldn't have access to Treyarchs map architectures to simply reskin as their own map. Though I do agree they reskinned their own map. "Which is just Bush league Audrey!"

      While it isn't really relevant to this particular case, why wouldn't they have access to assets from Treyarch's games?

      We're talking about two studios that are wholly owned by Activision working on a franchise owned by Activision.

        This. Also, both Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2 reused assets (albeit small ones) from the other developer's previous COD games. It certainly isn't anything new.

    Sorry Mark, you misspelled "Infinity" one place, and missed the "d" in Infinity Ward in another.

    Also, it's totally the wrong game as Jack said!

    Its interesting, I often found PC Powerplay had a lot of typos/grammar issues as well. Proofreading must not be a big thing in games journalism.

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      Urgh, thanks man. Just stuck at home emergency babysitting, doing both at the same time is tough :|

        While you are at it: "I have a couple of issues with this, To"

        C'mon Mark, just put the Lion King on TV. Simba practically raised my kids..

          Wait until you realise they learnt more from Scar, the Hyenas and Pumba.

            You don't know how correct you are.

              I took my niece (8) and nephew (6) to see it in 3D last year, and when I asked what he thought about it afterwards, he looked me straight in the face and said without a hint of irony 'I thought it was a pretty good plan, actually'. I warned my brother to watch his back.

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    Dome is a map in MW3 and World at War.

    The video shows Dome from MW3 though...

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned that Dome was in MW3, but Dome was in MW3.

      Are you sure Dome was in MW3?

        No, it was in the third Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 3 I think it's called.

    They did the same thing with Carentan from Cod 2 I think it appeared as china town in a later game identical map just with different textures and at night. Lazy on their part.

    Can someone check please? I think Dome was from MW3.

    Meh, it's not so bad. Definitely not as bad as them straight out re-using the same cutscene for the SP.

    blatantly the same - straight pathetic. this game is a complete throw together to get next gen off the ground, expect more next year but for now yet another reason im not going to bother with Ghosts

    I bet allot of other maps look the same as MW3 they wanted to make a spin off from MW3 but just decided to change the name to Ghost and make it more post apocalyptic as possible.

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