Did Your Xbox One Disc Drive Break? You Get A Free Game

Did Your Xbox One Disc Drive Break? You Get A Free Game

Good news for anyone with a broken Xbox One: Microsoft is offering free games to anyone affected by the infamous disc drive issue that caused brand new games to make a terrible grinding noise upon insertion.

One affected user told me about the deal on Twitter today, and Polygon got an e-mail confirming news of the complimentary game. If you tell Microsoft customer support about the problem and go through the Xbox One exchange plan, they'll send you the digital code for a game of your choice: Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse, or Zoo Tycoon.

Since it's digital, if you're affected by the Disc Drive of Doom — which Microsoft says has impacted a "very small" number of Xbox One owners — you should be able to play your new game while you wait for a replacement.

I reached out to Microsoft for more details earlier today, but still haven't heard back. We'll update you as we learn more about the issue.


    WHAT! I want my drive to break now. :(

      Although to be fair; the broken drive causes you to LOSE a game as well

        I thought I read that it doesn't damage the disk. I wouldn't know because mine seems to work fine though.

          If it does damage the disc I'd assume this is in addition to a replacement copy, since they've admitted it's their fault entirely.

    this is really good PR from microsoft... i remember with the original xbox they had to replace a power cable or something? i got like 3 or 4 free games from them to say sorry

    dunno if they did anything like that for the 360 with its RROD thing, perhaps free gold for some? can't remember right now

      Yeah my 360's GPU went tits up and I got a free month of live gold as an apology. I feel a bit ripped off now I read this...

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      Everyone likes to shit on Microsoft but their customer support isn't actually bad, in my experience. I'd been holidaying in Europe and came home to find Xbox Live Gold had renewed itself for another year, I'm sure I ticked a box (or didn't untick a box) at some point to tell it to do this but anyway, it was unwanted as my 360 had been in a box in the wardrobe for some time. One call to Microsoft and one return call from them the next day and they refunded me.

        Yeah. I don't think I've ever had a painful conversation with their support teams. Once I've had them call me back, but they were quick about it. Every other time it's been resolved quickly and easily. The problems shouldn't happen to begin with but they do an oddly good job of support.

        Sure they are great. Just ask this lady: http://kotaku.com/microsofts-slow-response-to-xbox-harassment-leaves-one-1139807887

          It does seem like MS only respond once the story hits the media.

          RROD- MS only responded with Extended Warrant, new Xbox and 1 month Xbox live after it blew up in the media, even then it took MS an extra few months to respond when it hit the roof. But, when I did have an Xbox 360 and my warranty ran out, MS wanted me to pay to get My xbox 360 replaced. Only when I went through ACCC did I get a full refund of console and every game. Got a second ps3 for my brother to keep. Best outcome.

          I also think people have forgotten about the Xbone announcment and what followed after the HUGE backlash from the media.

          Now this. Only when it hits the media. It isnt for us Consumers, MS only do this to save their ass'. Its a fact, not an opinion, but a fact based on the companies history

          Hate missing out on what Xbone has to offer, but not when its run by a company that treats its consumers as wallets and shows us zero respect.

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        Well, yes and no... me and a lot of other xbox gamers have had our accounts corrupted for over 3 months now, and still no fix! Check out this 45+ page thread at Xbox support forums, if you're game http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_support/xbox_360_support/f/12/t/1586831.aspx

        Also, a video I made awhile ago showing the issues we have been stuck with: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86gw23r44wM

        On that note, if anyone has been having these same issues and don't know what to do. Come to the forums at the link above, as there is really nothing much more that can be done except being added to the list of affected GamerTags.

          Silly question, but have you tried calling them? On the telephone?

            Don't even go there :P Dealing with offshore call centres is like talking to monkeys with typewriters... All avenues have been exhausted, really!

    This isn't the first time they have handed out free games from making a mistake. I got 2 free games with the original xbox when they suddenly dropped the price of the console. Anyone that bought the console at its original full price received 2 free games.

    Really really well done Microsoft

      Hopefully they do something like this for early adopters if they bring out a revised Xbone in the next couple of months.

        When you say"revised xbone" do you mean an xboe with a different cd drive?

          If it was only that then I wouldn't expect anything. I meant like a 'slim' version or something comparable. A friend told me today there are already rumours they are looking at releasing a better one early next year!

            Hmm as cool as that would be I hope they don't. That would not be right for everyone who bought the console on release or for Christmas.

    I guess digital delivery really is a game changer for them on the PR side. Being able to hand out not just a code but a code for the game of your choice that includes three of their big exclusives and a token kids title is quite the apology. Doesn't hurt that it means you can play your broken XBOX One while waiting for the box to arrive to ship it back in.
    It's still a crappy situation but I'd say it's the best response possible.

    What about the others of us who had their Xbox One die in some fashion? I had to go through the MS Chat wringer before they told me to return it for Exchange or Refund - Why am I less deserving than those who suffered mechanical failure?

    Wasn't there an issue with the 360 damaging discs as well?

    Oh wait, yes there was! With a similar program as well.....

    One of the worst things about optical media.... they are way too easy to damage. Bring on digital distribution!

      Well they are only easy to damage if you get a hardware issue like this or you just throw them around. I've never had any problems with any games, DVD or blu rays or cd's as I take care of my stuff and put things back in their cases.

      I won't go digital until digital prices drop because at the moment it is a joke! E.g. I got GTA 5 for $78 on launch and on PSN it was $99.95. AC 4 ps3 psn $99.95 local Big W $58 on launch day.

      Also have you seen some of the Aussie Xbox One digital prices - Dead Rising 3 day one edition $128!

        Same here, always put discs back in their case, and if I lend anything out, I always tell them my one rule, that if it's not in the player/console it's in its case. If it comes back damaged, I never lend anything to them ever again.

        I won't go digital either, until I have no choice, but price isn't the only factor for me, I'm the kind of guy that likes to have a physical product.

        I saw the price of DR3 Day One Edition in the XBox Store too, couldn't believe it. $128 digital, or $89 hard copy at EB, not a tough choice.

          @meds Not certain, but I think I read that the digital day 1 includes the season pass?

            It would want to for that price.

            Edit: I just checked the XBox Store, and it does include the season pass.

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              I reckon their digital pricing is better, but because bluray, the download sizes are too large. I'm only on 200gb at home which I share with a housemate. So it'll still be retail for me at this point in the gen.

    If someone could follow the ifixit tear down to break their drive and document it, that would be great :P

    Not really relevant to Aussies, since you'd be a bit of a nonce to send it back on warranty unless you bought it from MS in the first place. Aussies should just take their DOA console back to the store they bought it from to swap.

    I'd go digital all the way as long as I can still have a shiny game box, even empty, but it has to be shiny :D

    Would be cool to get a free game, but I'm sure there'd have to be people out there who's disc drives have crapped out and have all those four games. What are Microsoft going to do in those situations?

    I received my Xbox on Saturday morning (had to wait, as I had no Internet Friday!) and my disc drive doesn't work. I was frustrated but impatient to play so I downloaded the two games I'd already purchased (Zoo Tycoon and Forza 5) and got started playing. I was originally going to just leave it and download all of my games but in reality that's not viable, so I will have to take it back and exchange it :(

    And all you need to do to play your free Game is buy another Xbone! Which will grind up the new game.. but you get a free one.. and to play it you buy another Xbone...

    Not good enough!!! But I'm not complaining, mine was free anyway from goo.gl/ouQ8F2 so I'm a happy chappy

    When were any of you told you were getting a free game. I have a new Xbox coming but never received an email.or anything about a free game.

      Yeah same here. I have a replacement coming but have not heard anything from them about a free game.

        Yeah totally dissatisfied with AU support seeing both UK & USA get priority shipped XBox One if faulty and a free game. Still awaiting for my replacement and all they can tell me is 7-10days. Seriously to replace a drive & test (2hrs max. repair, a day either side shipping). Must of occurred to a lot more than they are letting on.
        Another Microsoft FAIL

          Got the following email today:-
          An Xbox 360 console has been shipped to you from our service center.
          WTF? MS were definitely not ready.

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