Drunk Kids Steal Llama, Party With Llama

Drunk Kids Steal Llama, Party With Llama

Five French teenagers have been arrested after getting drunk, kidnapping a llama and, according to The Independent, "taking on him on a tour of Bordeaux via the city's tram system".

Very early last Thursday morning, the group were wandering around smashed when they came across a circus, closed down for the night. After first trying to lift a zebra - which didn't want to budge - they eventually found a llama. Who, it turns out, was down to party.

"It walked with us like a good dog would have," said one of the five, who after taking the llama around town were eventually caught when they tried to get it on a tram.

The llama - dubbed Serge - was tied to a lamppost while the teenagers were taken into custody. Because their crimes were so hilarious, a campaign has sprung up in France seeking their release, its Facebook page picking up over 800,000 "likes".

Drunken French teenagers abduct a circus llama and take him on a tram ride [The Independent, via Incredible Things]


    ....That is an impressive level of drunkenness.

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      I dunno why but that Llama, to me, looks like its thinking 'I can outdrink all you bitches...'

        I want to see the rest of the photos. This is awesome!

    Luke, with all sincerity and honesty, this is an *AWESOME* story lol.

      Favourite line: "After first trying to lift a zebra – which didn’t want to budge – they eventually found a llama. Who, it turns out, was down to party."

        This is 'that' kind of good willed prank you just love to hear about :D so glad they aren't charging them with anything lol.

    It wasn"t discused later in the article, but apparently one of the teenagers died several hours after the incident. A biopsy shows that he was high-fived to death.

    He's totally a member of the crew. Awesome. Much better than that arsehole psycho who beat a llama to death with his bare hands...


    Don't mind me, this is hilarious

    A Llama story on a video games site and Jeff Minter isn't mentioned? Go to the back of the room! :-)

    Didnt a few drunks steal a penguin from seaworld not to long ago?

    Confirmed: The Hangover 4 based in France.

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    Nobody cares they stole an animal? Little shits.

      It's not stealing when 'stolen goods' want to be... stolen.

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