​Dude Shoots PS4 With A High-Powered Rifle

 Dude Shoots PS4 With A High-Powered Rifle

What happens when you put a high-powered rifle round through a PlayStation 4? Pretty much what you'd expect.

I figured the gun-toting madmen at Rated RR would take on the PlayStation 4, but maybe not quite so soon — the thing isn't even out yet! But hey, if you've got a console and you've got a huge gun… might as well put 'em together and see what happens.

This video starts out a bit disappointingly, but then… well, keep watching. Things get more destructive in a hurry.

For more "weaponry vs. stuff" fun, check out Rated RR's YouTube channel.


    how's this different to the guy throwing his PS4 on the ground at a midnight launch? Both lame

      Yay for mindless destruction of goods, lets all watch it. Why is this crap being posted?

      One's a douchebag seeking attention and the other is making American porn.

        Both equally stupid.

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      I think that this guy is popular youtuber or something and was given one by Sony to shoot. Atleast that's what I read on American Kotaku.

    I swear I saw this already... or was that on gizmodo?

    Excuse me Kotaku US, why link the video if you've already got the interesting part with a gif?

      They've been doing it alot more of recent, makes some pages extra bloaty and bandwidth hungry.
      The US site looks like a Tumblr feed sometimes, I guess they think it increases click-through.

      Excuse me Kotaku US, why link the video if you've already got the interesting part with a gif?

      I'm going to assume that most US citizens would have one hand down their pants while the rest of video blabbed on about magazine size, barrel length, scope specifications, while dreaming of fighting the "guvmint" who are coming to take away their rights to arms.

    I posted a link to this video on a kotaku article 7 days ago lol.. at least they listened to my advice that it's more newsworthy then a dude destroying a launch console in front of a waiting crowd.

    Well, you learn something new every day. I, for one, did not know that "personal defence weapon" is apparently a euphamism for "semi-auto or fully-auto SMG that fires rifle rounds"... whereas I was thinking more along the lines of, say, a cricket bat.

      Depends on what you're personally defending against. What if the King of England comes in all spliced up with Rhino DNA?

        Depends. Just the King of England? Prince Charles doesn't seem too sprightly - a cricket bat would likely do if he came alone. King/Rhino splicer? Cricket bat, but you'd have to be a little more careful. He's still 65, after all, and rhinos generally don't live past 50. They do bite, though, so maybe something with a longer reach... a broom handle, perhaps?

        Or perhaps Zombie George VI? In which case you've got no hope, no matter what calibre firearm you're packing. Cricket bat still seems like a good bet.

        Last edited 29/11/13 4:12 pm

      Well see that guy a mile off? He could be coming for your family or to trespass on your lands. Best to pick him off with a high powered large caliber sniper rifle for the defence of the safety of everyone.

    1. Make bigoted, uninformed generalisations based on logical fallacies about an entire country of people.
    2. Still manage to convince yourself that you are the smart one.
    3. ????
    4. Profit!

    I dunno when or why this becamea thing but its just stupid.

    Last edited 29/11/13 5:46 pm

    Disregard, I suck dicks.

    Last edited 29/11/13 10:04 pm

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