EB Games Has A Surprisingly Good 3DS Sale Going On...

Look, say what you like about EB Games, but let's just say it's not a company that's well known for it's bargain basement prices. This 3DS sale, however, is actually pretty decent, especially for those who just picked up a 3DS. If you want to play catch up on one of the best libraries in gaming, you could do a lot worse.

Kid Icarus is going for $28 and it's one of the most underrated games on the console. Starfox 64 3D is going for the same price. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D is $15, Steel Diver is $12.

Sadly the sale doesn't feature the greatest 3DS game ever made, Luigi's Mansion 2, but you should just go and buy that anyway so I can have someone to talk to about how it's the game of the year.

Go on then, hurry up! I'll wait.


    Such a mediocre game. Also cannot wipe saves.

      I think it's worth $15 and was the reason that I bought a 3DS. You can't clear your saves though, that is correct.

        Resident Evil Mercenaries is currently on sale on the Nintendo eShop for $8 (Revelations is as well for $30)

      Guys, don't listen to this guy. Mercenaries is awesome. I pumped a good 45 hours into it, loved it.

    There was only 2 copies of Kid Icarus at my store, I bought one when they were putting up the stickers, the other was gone when I went in the next day. I think Kid Icarus may be going on sale on the 3DS shop soon though - think I remember another large gaming website reporting it.

    Pretty sure that RES MERC was on sale (or still is) on the 3DS shop for cheaper than 15 bucks. So is revalations which is meant to be the far better game (for 30 I think).

    And the sale does feature the 3DS's best game ever, FIRE EMBLEM :P.

    Def the cheapest I've seen starfox/pokemon rumble (in a long time anyway).

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      Got my copy of Kid Icarus about 12-18 months ago at Dick Smith for 10 bucks on clearance (still haven't finished it).

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    Somebody buy me a 3DS for Christmas please. Santa's buying me a bar fridge to take to uni...

      2DS is a pretty cheap alternative. It's not a 3DS XL and it's not as portable, but it's still a surprisingly solid device for $150. Not that much cheaper than a 3DS XL but the difference might be enough to nudge it under the radar.

        This. 50 bucks cheaper than a standard 3DS for some is a big difference esp if they don't care for the bulkiness of it or no 3D!

    Yeah but I got all these games cheaper at the Dick Smith sales.

    Luigis Mansion 2 is a really excellent game. Also worth noting, they've massively dropped the price of Skylanders Giants characters. Can pick up 3 for less than the price of 1 at the moment. Rayman Origins is awesome on whatever platform you get it (and $19 is an excellent price), but it really shines on the PS Vita. And Kid Icarus - love that game. So glad to see it getting some recognition.

    Prices are pretty good but the titles really suck, they have a better Ps4 deal, its located on their facebook page and is AUS wide.


    Buy a ps4 with them and you can then buy either or both killzone and Knack for $65 each, its the cheapest launch price possible. Even at US copy of the game with free shipping will cost you the same and take weeks to arrive and its miles better than OZ gameshop or any other uk importer.

      Yeah but that doesn't quite count. It's a good deal, no doubt about that, but the only way to get it is to already have a pre-order. Unless you can upgrade your pre-order to lock it in I'd imagine it'll expire before the second or third shipments come in.

        Yeah this deal is for day one customers only and is for one of the two for $50. Apparently not aloud to get both at $50 each.

          I don't know what you are saying, but i personally went and bought both these games with my ps4 at $65 each. Both confirmed in store when i did it and on the EB games facebook page.

          While JB might have a similar deal I've not heard of it nor is there a JB HIFI in my entire city, so i couldn't take advantage of it if i could.

          I would also say that $50 off a single game is a $50 saving ($50/100), buying 2 games for $65 ($130/200) is a $70 saving so for those purchasing both EB is giving the better deal.

      JB has done it again and beat that deal. It's $50 for either title with your PS4 purchase. Also, it's a Sony deal that they have given the retailers the go ahead to do so it's interesting the EB are charging more than JB...

        I assumed it was a sony deal myself in an effort to combat the free Fifa copy with Day 1 consoles.

        As i pointed out above, Eb lets you buy BOTH games at $65 each, i did so myself. so for those who want both it is the best deal. The fact it is $65 instead of 50 is probably the reason they are offering both titles to steal clients from JB or to move more product for a bonus (Like a Harvey Norman store with Tv's, assuming that happens in games retail too)

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          Yeah my bad I got that wrong. Better to get two at $65 each then one at $50!

    The latest splinter cell game (about 2 -3 months old) is currently $29 at jbhifi on the WiiU. That's a pretty sweet sale for a very new game if you ask me!

      In melboure aus that is

        Brisbane had it as well, I am assuming country wide. Also it is a pretty good deal, would have bought it even though I am not a Splintercell player but my brother has a copy so pretty pointless if I just want to try the story mode.

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    Great price for the Skylanders Giants figures, if only I could find the last one I need to complete the set.

    That was meant to be a reply to Senno.

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    I feel like why do I keep buying games at launch, Splinter Cell on 360 collectors edition $118, currently at EB for $47 !!...yeah thanks for that

    Similar clearance prices at The Good Guys if your EB has none: http://www.thegoodguys.com.au/buyonline/SearchDisplay?pageSize=48&pageView=image&beginIndex=0&sType=SimpleSearch&categoryId=15383&resultCatEntryType=%3F%3F%3F&showResultsPage=true&searchTerm=&filterTerm=&manufacturer=&minPrice=&maxPrice=&searchType=1000&metaData=bWZOYW1lX250a19jczoiM0RTIg%3D%3D&searchTermScope=

      Awesome, thanks for the heads up. Gonna see my local Good Guys has DOA in stock tomorrow :D

    This are pretty good sale prices...especially when marked down from $70 and $50 for the non-shovelware. I can't knock this article or those "low" prices since they are actually lower than the normal prices, BUT why are they marked down from such insane mark up prices? Star fox shouldn't be $70, Animal crossing shouldn't be $50.

    Not sure what the fuss here is about. The EB in my area have been selling Kid Icarus, Steel Diver, and many of the other games mentioned at these prices for the past year now. Even then, you can find these games cheaper at other stores. $2.50 standard shipping fee applies as well.

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    The three games I want: Zelda OoT, Fire Emb Awakening and Luigi Mansion not only are NOT on sale but the 2nd hand ones are nearly $60. Terrible sale EB, terrible.

    Upvote for mentioning Steel Diver. Far more underrated than Kid Icarus :P

    I picked up Nintendo dogs and cats for $15 the other day from EB Games, the other sticker on the box was $69.95 i think i got a good deal. :)

    RE: Revelations, Street Fighter IV and Rayman: Origins are $15 each at Target too, for those that don't know ;) (along with some other titles)

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    Kid Icarus is a pretty good game, but the best offering (besides Pokemon) is Fire Emblem, which is also on sale!

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