18 Indie Games Coming To Nintendo eShop For 3DS And Wii U

They were showcased today in this Nintendo Direct video. You can see more about them here.


  • Good to see some indie stuff hitting the 3DS, but it doesn’t really solve my biggest issue with the handheld, which is the complete lack of Virtual Console games. Where are classic Nintendo SNES games like Super Metroid, F-Zero and Super Mario World, or 3rd party gold like the Megaman X series or Secret of Mana? Why can I not snap up ANYTHING that was released on Gameboy Advance (unless I happened to be in the Ambassador Program)? Nintendo has the opportunity to turn the 3DS & 2DS into the ultimate old-school and new-school portable gaming machine (particularly if they get some more Sega stuff on board), but my 3DS instead gathers dust waiting for the occasional 1st-party release worth spending $60-$70 on.

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