Episode VII Of Star Wars Will Be Out On December 18, 2015, LucasFilm Just Announced.

Episode VII of Star Wars will be out on December 18, 2015, LucasFilm just announced. Just 771 days left.


    Someone please invent time travel... or freeze me until 20th of December (don't want to put up with overcrowded cinemas and 2 hours of waiting in line to watch the movie).

    Pretty excite! Should be interesting to see what they come up with. (Kyle Katarn plz)

    You'd hope with that sort of time frame it will be nothing short of epic!

    Fuck this shit...make 1313 instead you bastards..

      They will make a Star Wars game, it will be a movie tie-in, and it will most likely suck.

    Isn't it a little strange to announce a release date before the script and crew have been finalised?

      Disney only care about the money. They have no interest in the film's quality.

        Yeah, but Disney care about the money from all three movies and continued success of the franchise for the next hundred years. They didn't pay all that money rope a bunch of suckers into seeing one shitty Star Wars movie and tanking the franchise.

          I think Star Wars, of all things, has proven that a franchise can survive shitty movies.

      No, that's the last thing that Disney care about. What they care about is which financial reporting quarter it's coming out in. Everything else gets fitted around that.

      Apparently They're going to start filming early next year, so the script can't be too far off being finished.

    yea next year.... oh wait... 2015!!!

    :( too far

    Crikey, Harrison Ford will be dead by then.


        HAHAHA! That's the first Inion story I've ever read that seems completely plausible. I could imagine Harrison saying exactly that, on a talk show, and everybody laughing awkwardly at Harrison's trade mark demeanor of never letting you know if he's joking or not.

    Everyone has to admit, they have a pretty amazing team making this film. Abrams, Kasdan, Burk, Harper and McGatlin have all been apart of some really good films!

    Jar Jar binks turns the dark side and become emperor. Confirmed.

    Just in time for the Christmas Special 2.

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