Every Death In Game Of Thrones, Visualised

Every Death In Game of Thrones, Visualized

Via bookstore Twitter feed WaterstonesDork, here's a colourful visualisation of every single death in George RR Martin's wonderful fantasy series. Each sticky note represents a corpse. George RR Martin is a sick man.


    It really puts the story in perspective hey.

    But how many of those are pretty minor characters?

      Yeah I wondered that. Like how many are soldiers that died when Stannis attacked Kings Landing from the Blackwater? And it's surely just the actual deaths he rights about, not the thousands that are implied.

    Without reading a word of these tomes, you can see how substantially everything drops off in book 4.

    First three books are brilliant. After that, sludge.

    Eh, I'm sure Joss Whedon could give him a run for his money.

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