Every Generation Of X-Men In One Awesome Picture

Every Generation Of X-Men In One Awesome Picture
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The X-Men have been around for a long while now — long enough that there have been dozens and dozens of mutants included in Marvel’s beloved franchise.

In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the X-Men, artist Leigh Wortley made an infographic for We Love Fine featuring all the generations of X-Men since the franchise’s inception. You can see it below. Can you name all the mutants?

You can find a cheat-sheet of all the mutants in this picture here.


  • Hepzibah is an Alien, not a Mutant. WTF guys? Did this go through ANY kind of QA process before you posted? Also you have some non-Muntants in there. I know it’s a repost, but do your job guys. Your NERD job.

  • Ok i’m gonna do this without cheating, so here goes nothing
    Line 1: Xavier, Magneto
    Line 2: Angel, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beast and Iceman
    Line 3: Mimic, (unknown), Polaris, Havok, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, (unknown
    Line 4: Night Crawler, Wolverine, Banshee, Storm, Sunfire, Colussus, Thunderbird, Northstar, Auora, Jubilee (think), Magik, (unkown), Mistique and Gambit
    I will post the rest later.
    Line 5: Shadow Cat, Rouge, Dazzler Boyfriend (Name unknown), Psylocke… ok i give up.

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