YouTuber Gives Wind Waker (And Its Music) An Impressive HD Makeover

Yes, yes I know Wind Waker HD just came out. This is something totally different. With fancy water! And guitars!

Warialasky, the one responsible for these awesome sights, tunes, and other classic videos like Phone Wars and the absolutely wonderful Tetris movie trailer, brings us a musical tribute to everyone's favourite Zelda-themed sea-faring simulator, Wind Waker. And it is glorious.

Ballad of the Wind Waker [[email protected]]


    I'm not sure if playing the guitar part was the best choice for the music video...

      yeah not to mention it would have sounded better with the guitar in the beginning if he was playing closer to the bridge. Those electric guitars sounded absolutely horrible to me though.

        If you want game cover guitar action, this should get your blood pumping:

        Spectrum of Mana = my album of the year. Oh so tasty.

    even with my super awesome fantastic guitar skills I could have done that dude only played one beat lol

    Pyjamas were the only good thing in the video...

    Pretty cool. I prefer Freddie Gredde's mix though.

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