​Finally, A Game Where You Argue About Slashfic

What if Wolverine and Battlestar's Number Six met and fell in love? What if Desmond from LOST had a torrid affair with Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock Holmes? We cannot stop asking these questions. We will not! Might as well make a game out of it.

That's the idea behind Slash: Romance Without Boundries, a new card game from Play Date that's currently got a Kickstarter underway. You can watch lead designer Glenn Given make his pitch for the game in the video above. Here's how it's described on their page:

slash: romance without boundaries is a card & storytelling party game of relationships across all canons of pop-culture, history and literature. Players compete to create the One True Pairing between characters in their hand and that which the matchmaker has played. If the matchmaker selects your card you get to keep both cards played and add them to your score pile. But, if another player is jealous of your victory they may challenge the matchmaker and narrate the story of the TRUE OTP (as they see it). If the players side with their logic, passion or the sheer entertainment value of the tale the challenger scores the OTP.

slash is a game that invites you to create your fan fiction on the fly. slash attempts to coax a few sentences of make-believe from you to justify who your favourite wizard, space pirate or superhero REALLY belongs with.

I really like this idea, mainly because it takes a topic that we all argue about anyway and turns it into a proper game. Sort of like The Metagame, but with pan-fictional love.

(Via Justin McElroy)


    Oh man, this had to be posted today of all days! D: Don't give TAYbies any ideas!

      D.C. and Shane
      totally the winning couple

        Whatever happened to the Shiggy/DocWhat bromance?

          We had to move it to redtube when it got too heated

    Holy crap - those $1000 reward tiers are THE BEST EVER!!!

    So many lols - and so much awesome!

    Never backed a Kickstarter before but this is tempting. Sounds like it could be a riot to play with a bunch of drunk friends.

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