For Having A Knife Stuck In His Head, This Guy Was Pretty Calm

For Having a Knife Stuck in His Head, This Guy Was Pretty Calm

I've never had a knife stuck in my head. I imagine I would either pass out or freak out. This gentleman was surprisingly calm. Note: This article contains content some readers might find unpleasant.

In northeast China's Jilin province, a man with a knife stuck in his head visited a local hospital, and according to witnesses, he calmly walked from the first floor to the fifth floor with the knife protruding from his head. No wonder, Chinese net users have dubbed the guy "Calm Brother" (淡定哥).

For Having a Knife Stuck in His Head, This Guy Was Pretty Calm

He might have been in shock, and it's amazing that he can even stand up.

For Having a Knife Stuck in His Head, This Guy Was Pretty Calm

According to NetEase (via HugChina and ShanghaiIst), the injury happened while the man was joking around with his friends. And, it seems, with a knife.

For Having a Knife Stuck in His Head, This Guy Was Pretty Calm

"Calm Brother" has been treated at the hospital and is reportedly in stable condition. That's good to hear. We wish him a speedy recovery.

男子头插水果刀独自到医院"淡定"就医(图) [NetEase via HugChina via ShanghaiIst]


    Brings a new meaning to a painful stabbing headache....

    If that was me I would be screaming my head off.

    The human body is amazing. We can survive things like this, but die from the common cold.

      To be fair on our bodies, when we have a cold, we're being attacked by billions of organisms. :P

      It kinda looks like it just got stuck in the skull anyway so it's not exactly life threatening. Though I love the fact that based on the pictures it almost looks as if there was some random people just using crappy phones to take pictures of a guy with a knife in his head rather than...well helping the guy with a knife in his head.

      That's because the human bodies immune system is constantly getting weaker. We are more reliant on medication to help us get through a minor case of the "sniffles". All this BS propaganda with stuff like dettol is causing more problems than it fixes. We have an immune system for a reason. As my pop once stated to me, humans should not try find a cure for the common cold, once we have that cure, it will be the end of us all as our immune system would be so incredibly weak.

      Last edited 02/11/13 2:10 am

        Interesting perspective - certainly explains how my colds are less severe now than iny 20s when I used to pop any pill I could to get rid of them...
        Also moving from Canberra to Brisbane may have helped!

        I REALLY hope your pop was some kind of medical doctor/scientist and not just some average Joe making assumptions about medicine and the human body.

        Not that it matters, what we call "the cold" is caused by thousands and thousands of different viruses. Even if we never used cold medication and let our bodies tackle a cold by itself, it would be pointless. Even with an immunity to one type of virus, we'd be back at square one as soon as we encountered a new virus, since it's totally unfamiliar to the immune system.

    For what started as joking around with friends, it sounds like things escalated... Sharply.

      They don't seem like they were the sharpest knives in the drawer.

    Well I dislocated my knee 2 days ago and proceeded to "walk it off", down a flight of 5 stairs, then back up said stairs to an ambulance, that someone else called without my consent, 2 hours later.

    After that day, I can see where this guy is coming from.

      That's nothing I fell off my bike and broke my nose, my cheek and my jaw. I picked up the pieces of my bike, put them in my bag and walked 2km home. Noone was home so I walked to my neighbours house. They weren't home so I went to my friends house. Whose 500m up the road. His parents were home and they dropped me at the hospital.

      You do what you have to do when you're in shock.

    Years of consuming certain Japanese entertainment made me double check what I was looking at in the first picture.

    Adrenalin and shock are amazing things. I fell off a six meter tall pallet of beer back when I worked at a bottle-o (what OH&S), then shambled for 20 minutes to the hospital because I couldn't find any one sober enough in the adjacent pub to give me a lift.

    Not comparing it to this of course, that is intense.

    The funny thing is, the brain has no nerves in it, so once you get past the (relatively) thin skin covering and skull, you can poke and prod someone's brain and they would be none the wiser. I'm no doctor, but In terms of things to have lodged in your head, a knife is probably one of the best because it simply slices the cells, not cause major trauma like a nail or rod.

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