Forget Cars. Let’s Race Dinosaurs.

Forget Cars. Let’s Race Dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs make everything better — and racing games are no exception. Dino Run 2 is a multiplayer game where you have to outrun extinction — a rather novel premise, no? I don’t even particularly like racing games, but this has my attention.

Naturally, you get to play as all sorts of different dinosaurs, each with strengths and weaknesses. These dinosaurs can wear hat and scarves, because, um, fashion. And you’ll be able to race in different time periods — the Cretaceous era (jungle, forests, fields, mountains, volcanoes), the Paleolithic era (caves and icy landscapes), and of course the modern era (cities, suburbia and stuff). All those levels will be procedurally generated, so even if you play through the same era twice, it won’t play the same way (this is especially true if you play as different dinosaurs).

And here’s a really cool part: Pixeljam, the developers, are looking to make the game platform agnostic. Meaning, players on PC will be able to race with players on the Ouya, as well as those on Mac. Eventually they’re thinking of porting to iOS and Android, too.

To make this happen, they’re looking to raise $US175k on Kickstarter. Here’s their pitch: You can contribute to the Dino Run 2 Kickstarter here.


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