Forget Google Glass, Sony's Working On Smart Wigs

Forget Google Glass, Sony's Working on Smart Wigs

Sony has filed a patent for a "wearable computing device" that's in a wig. It's called SmartWig.

Sony's patent (via Engadget Japan), which was filed this past May but made public this week, describes a hairpiece with input sensors able to process data and communicate with another device. The techy bits would be hidden while the hairpiece is worn.

"The usage of a wig has several advantages that, compared to known wearable computing devices, include significantly increased user comfort and an improved handling of the wearable computing device," states Sony in the patent.

Sony notes lots of people wear wigs — from those with hair loss to those dealing with illnesses. Interestingly, Sony also notes in the patent that lots of cosplayers wear wigs too.

Sony also mentions a wig-based navigational system, wig feedback, and camera-and-laser pointer-embedded wigs as well as more beneficial uses, such as health care implementation.

This is fancy R&D, sure. And Sony is packed with smart people working on interesting projects that never make it out of the lab. But a wig like this? Think of the hairy possibilities!



    This sounds like a goofy idea someone suggested during a Friday afternoon brainstorming session. If comfort and concealment were the design goals, wouldn't a hat have made more sense?

    Wasn't till half way through I realized you were talking about hair pieces. I thought the name "wig" came from earwig: like you have a computer chip burrowed into your skull... A man can dream.

    Another hair-brained idea, huh?

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