​Forza 5 Economy Adjusting After Angry Fan Feedback

​Forza 5 Economy Adjusting After Angry Fan Feedback

While the reaction to the improved graphics and control in the Xbox One’s next-gen racing simulator has been enthusiastic, players have been grousing almost universally about one thing: pervasive microtransactions. Dev studio Turn 10 has heard the feedback and has just announced a new round of changes to Forza Motorsport 5‘s in-game economy.

Over this past weekend, right after the Xbox One’s debut, discussion threads on Reddit and NeoGAF were buzzing with complaints about how more grinding is required to earn the in-game tokens needed to buy parts, liveries and other desirable items. The takeaway has been that Forza 5 seems increasingly designed to get players to spend real-world cash for top-tier cars and perks. Here’s NeoGAF user SeanSpeed:

After learning a bit more about how Forza 5 works, I must say, they definitely have made some changes that are, without a doubt, designed to encourage people to buy cars with real money to the detriment of the game experience.

Seems like earning potential and car prices haven’t changed. That’s the good news.

But these few things all combine to make a pretty big and noticeable difference:

– No cars unlocked as you level. There is no logical, game-enhancing reason this was taken out. Its something that most everyone enjoyed. Some tweaks could have been to the ‘progression’ of cars you unlocked, but certainly no one wanted the whole system taken out.

– Manufacturer affinity is gone. This was something that also could have used some tweaking, but was otherwise a very good idea. Before, you could basically get free upgrades quite quickly. That could have used changing. It was definitely too quick. But again, people liked the system and it didn’t warrant taking out. The fact that you can use tokens to buy upgrades now makes it blatantly obvious what the intentions were here.

– Free Play no longer allows you to drive any car in the game. Before, while some cars were quite expensive, it didn’t stop people from the enjoyment of driving them if they wanted to. You just wouldn’t own the car, couldn’t customise it or race it in career. This was a fantastic compromise, as you could test drive anything you wanted and even if you couldn’t afford an expensive car you really liked, you could still get to experience it out on-track. With that gone, it really pushes at the car collector types to pay real money.

– No buying/selling paints/setups/vinyls. You can still make some money off of this, but there will clearly not be any sort of ecosystem built around this like before. No reason for this to have happened. People *loved* the way it was.

– Buying cars and upgrades, the game definitely treats ‘car tokens’ as an equally viable way of bartering. Every step of the way, prices are given in credits and tokens, with equal font size and all, even going as far as having a little pop-up menu to ‘confirm’ whether you’re going to buy with credits or tokens.

It all amounts to a blatant attempt at encouraging people to spend more money. All at the detriment of the game from several important angles.

So I was wrong here guys for defending this. I didn’t realise it was going to be that bad. Its definitely not like previous Forza’s at all and is totally shameful.

Microsoft execs had said that they’d be monitoring player reaction to see how they’d need to adjust. An announcement from Forza community manager Brian Ekberg that’s gone out today does just that, including a 50% discount on all cars:

Based on the numbers we’ve seen from our first week of FM5, as well as feedback we heard directly from you, we’re in the process of making some changes to the Forza Motorsport 5 economy. But, while we’re putting the final touches on that, we want to make sure everyone continues having a great time with Forza 5. So, the following programs are going into effect this week:

1) Starting this Friday we’re offering a 50 per cent discount (credits & tokens) on every car in the game. This discount is available to all players. Every car, from the 1970 Nissan Datsun 510 to the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO will be 50 per cent off, so, if you’ve got your eye on something special on the car list, now’s the time to play and add them to your garage! This discount will be available between 12:01 a.m. Pacific on Friday, Nov. 29 and 11:59 p.m.Pacific on Sunday, Dec. 1.

2) If you are a Forza Motorsport 5 VIP member, you’ll receive the 2013 Lotus E21 grand prix car as a thank you. (Note: You must own Forza Motorsport 5 VIP membership to take advantage of this offer.) In addition to being one of the most radical and expensive cars in FM5, the E21 is also one of the quickest. For more on the E21, check out its entry on the Forza Motorsport 5 Cars page. This gift may take up to 24 hours or longer to be fulfilled in the game and, in order to receive your gift, you will need to back out to the main title screen with the orange McLaren P1 and then press “A” to log back in.

3) Those players who have already purchased the 2013 Lotus E21 as of today (Wednesday, November 27) will also receive the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO asa further thank you. This gift may take up to 24 hours or longer to be fulfilled in the game and, in order to receive your gift, you will need to back out to the main title screen with the orange McLaren P1 and then press “A” to log back in.

4) For those players who have purchased the LaFerrari Car Pack or the Forza Motorsport 5 Car Pass we’ll gift the 2013 LaFerrari directly into your Forza Motorsport 5 garage. No need to purchase the car separately with in-game credits or tokens. (Note: In order to receive and use these gift cars, you’ll need to own either the LaFerrari Car Pack or the Forza Motorsport 5 Car Pass). This gift may take up to 24 hours or longer to be fulfilled in the game and, in order to receive your gift, you will need to back out to the main title screen with the orange McLaren P1 and then press “A” to log back in.

5) Finally, we’re dramatically increasing the credit payout available to all Forza players in December via Forza Rewards, our ongoing loyalty program that rewards players with credits and cars for playing Forza games. You’ll be able to redeem these rewards in December but here’s a tip: The higher your Tier level reaches before December rolls around, the better the rewards you’ll be able to redeem, so get your play time in now and level up!

Now, a word about tokens in the Forza Motorsport 5 Limited Edition. In our original description for Forza Motorsport 5’s Limited Edition, we told you that Limited Edition owners would get 1,250 in-game tokens, which we mistakenly said would be enough tokens to afford any car in the Forza 5. It isn’t. As a result, a number of you have pointed this out to us — that there are a number of cars in the game that cost more than 1,250 tokens to purchase.

We’re sorry. In order to make up for this discrepancy, we will soon be offering Forza Motorsport 5 Limited Edition owners the chance to download and own the car of their choice in the game. Players will be able to choose from any of the on-disc cars in Forza 5 and will be able redeem this offer on ForzaMotorsport.net via a dedicated page that will be available no later than December 16.

Looking ahead, we’ll continue to make further adjustments to the Forza Motorsport 5 economy when they’re needed and I’ll be sure to keep you informed as these changes are made. For now, take advantage of all the cool stuff coming your way and, as always, thanks for your patience and for being a member of the Forza Motorsport community.

Picture: Reddit user Professor_Snarf


  • Unless I missed something in there, all of these changes affect current players and people that will be playing in December. After that, everything goes back to what it was before right? Some new copies will get the new cars but overall, the problem isn’t really solved is it? The current players are just placated….

    If my interpretation is correct, this announcement means nothing to me given I don’t intend to own a Xbone until late next year and Forza was on my shopping list.
    “Was”… 🙁

    • If you read it carefully it sounds like this is just a premptive measure while they make more balanced changes.

    • yeah looks awesome eh! I’m not generally a fan of such decals, but that design works a treat.

  • Not sure how well received a small period of discount will be, but dumping a number of cars into my garage is always welcome!

  • Urrrg, this is good I suppose, but I’m not a fan of the few day discount to or telling people to rack up as many hours as they can before December.
    It still all reeks of free-to-play bullshit.

    I paid for the game, all I want is to be able to unlock the content I paid for at an enjoyable rate and in my own time.
    Is that too much to ask?

    • Are you really having a hard time making credits?

      I’m getting nearly 50k every 4 or so races and I haven’t spent a single token, I’ve always had plenty of credit to buy cars.

      EDIT: I paid $100 for this game, so I expect to sink 100 hours or more into it, I don’t want everything unlocked in the first hour. What would you consider an ‘enjoyable rate’?

      • I’m going to assume 4 races takes you about 30 minutes which would average out to be about 100k earned per hour. If you wanted say a Ferrari 250 GTO that would take you 60 hours to unlock.

        It would be horrid if say you were a big Ferrari fan and wanted all of them. You would be looking at several hundred hours just to unlock all of one brand of car.


        I feel I was being a bit unfair, it will probably take a bit less time to unlock all the Ferrari’s if you have not forked out more cash for the day one La Ferarri DLC.

        • That would be an over estimate (most races are well under 5 minutes), but the point is made. Why should getting 100% in a game be trivial?

          It’s not a game about accruing a car collection, it’s a racing game.

          • I do believe that having the ability to buy any car before you even get started in career mode for real money is what has trivialized the progress in this game.

            Also I will eat my hat if most races in the game are well under 5 minutes outside of the beginner races.

            You clearly seem to like Forza as a series however you defending their bad business practices is driving the series into the ground.


            I just watched a lets play on youtube and these races in the early series are taking on average 5 minutes and this guy is getting 5k per race. Why do you tell lies?!?!

          • haha, I’m sure they aren’t that long – maybe they do take longer with the slower cars.

            Anyway, it only takes a few races to level up, which nets me 30k credits (I’m not sure if this is affected by VIP status).

            Forza 5 is the first forza I’ve played. I’m not defending the bad practices etc. I just don’t feel like the game pressures you/needs you to spend any money to actually enjoy (or complete) it.

            It really isn’t a $60 F2P, you can complete the game just fine without spending any extra money – I haven’t finished it yet so I won’t estimate on total earning etc. but I really do think you will have most of the cars unlocked before you even touch multiplayer/rivals.

          • When playing Forza 4 did you sit there and think this is all too easy and short, they should make it longer for me to enjoy it more.

            I played a huge amount of Forza 4 and came nowhere near buying all the cars.

          • I don’t know what to say, I haven’t played any of the other Forza games. I’ve wanted to race in a couple of the later series, but the cars were too expensive at the time; I just don’t seem to mind being ‘level’ locked into the earlier series to build-up more cash.

            Is this the problem, or is not owning all the cars the problem?

          • The problem is that they have dramatically extended the amount of time it takes to get cars and increased the cost of car upgrades with the sole purpose of getting you to give them real money.

            For most people the fun in this game is from playing around and customising a large variety of cars. Even with the old game it took quite a while to get cars but if you put in a lot of time with a particular brand it would make the upgrades for cars of that brand far cheaper, giving you more to spend on buying cars themselves.

            I’m not saying you should be able to unlock every car in 100 hours but the current rate was so obviously set as a cash grab it sickens me.

            Even the current rate of gaining cars wouldn’t piss me off if you had no option to purchase them for real money. At least it would give the rare cars some sort of achievement. As is, if I see someone in a 6 million dollar car I will instantly assume he paid 70AUD for it instead of 6 million credits.

        • Exactly, I’m happy to sink lots of time into the game but 100k an hour isn’t a lot when you want a single car that’s 4,000,000±.
          The games used to give you free cars and discounts on parts. They’ve intentionally removed those things to make the game unreasonably onerous.

          Don’t forget that you’ve almost certainly got the day one editions free membership thing that give a 200%bonus to earnings. People will eventually be expected to pay for that, it’s bullshit.

  • Hello, we here at Microsoft are constantly monitoring the in game economy to make sure we only fuck you up to the point of frustration and not actually returning the game.

    This console is a learning experience for us and we are still trying to find the level of frustration players are willing to accept.

    We look forward to engaging in psychological warfare with you in all your future Xbone purchases!

  • All I like to do in these games is modify cars and stuff around on the tracks, sometimes I want to actually race but most of the times it’s just stuffing around.

    I wonder how much money it costs to unlock everything from the start and to own every car so I could actually do what I want with the game.

    • Token cost of all cars in the game comes to 168993, in Australia tokens are $140 per 20000.

      My maths makes that out to cost 1200ish bucks to buy all the cars with no upgrades or anything.

      • But why would you do that anyway? You bought the game – go earn that! Paid unlocks have been in gaming since the start of last Gen (was it EA’s Godfather that started it?) and have been seen in everything from the class unlocks in Battlefield 3, to the unlock/level ups released just 3 weeks ago for AC4. That’s without even going into Mass Effect 3 MP, DeadSpace3 SP, Fifa Ultimate Team , and the MTG planeswalker series, both annually reiterated for the last 4 years or so.

        But no, it’s Microsoft so lets all jump on the one-eyed, two headed hate train and accuse them of ruining gaming. Ahoy & All Aboard. Tootoot!

        • If you go back to the releases of most of these games I have complained about them too. Paid unlocks of all kinds in all games need to die.

          They are called cheats and they should NOT cost money.

          Microsoft doesn’t need you to stand up for them on forums, They are a multi billion dollar corporation who already pay people to do that.

          People who are such addicts they are willing to eat this shit sandwich just to get their precious vidya games are the problem.

          • Correct. Microsoft don’t need me to stand up for them on forums. But you seem to have missed the point I was making – go earn it. I’m not some advocate this practice, which near every publisher in the industry has used, in one way or/after another for the last seven years or so, just pointing out that this is nothing new and that as long as the option is there to unlock that stuff in game – go earn it.

            Ten Years ago, I grinded for near 100 hours to unlock all the limit breaks & ultima weapons in FFX. Did I need to to finish the game? No. But it did save me an hour or so in the final battles. An advantage, but 100:1 is hardly fair. But I wanted to do that so I did. And if there was an option to buy those character maximizers I earned – well, I wouldn’t because that’s why I bought the game.

            Now are these cars locked behind a real money paywall – or can they be unlocked through game play? OK. Game play, but lots & lots & lots of game play. Do I need every car to finish the game/enter every class/series? Maybe 8 cars, with mods/upgrades as well obviously – should do it.

            Go buy all that stuff, unlock every class in BF3, stock up on ME3 boosters and unlock full MTG decks for a dollar and be an idiot. Whatever. Come home stinking drunk from the pub and blow more money on a poorly judged shortcut/unlock/cheat in your favorite game you’re about ten minutes away from passing out in front of, and wake up with deep regret. If you’re a fucking idiot. Or whatever. People will do whatever makes them happy.

            But that stuff is in the game to be earned. That’s how I play. I’d imagine that’s how most people play. But Live and Let Live. It’s something I see in a game I’m playing every few months or so – I don’t partake in it – so I’m kind of immune to it.

            It’s quite funny that now it’s in the best reviewed first party launch title on either platform, the mock outrage stirs up again, mostly from the usual MS pitchfork carrying suspects, and coming the usual places/hivemind bases – decrying this practice like MS/Turn10 invented it.

            Then when they say they’re rethinking the economy – that somehow makes it worse. Didn’t Rockstar do this last week?

            No, MS don’t need me to defend them – but like reading a comments thread under a Daily Telegraph/Murdoch article – when I see more spin than a chorus line of Shane Warnes pirouetting – I feel like defending common sense.

          • I just wish some one would make a game where I could use everything from the get go, a car sandbox if you will. I’m not trying to finish the game or anything, it’s not me being a completionist, I just want to drive and modify cars in a virtual world.

            Sometimes I don’t want to race to ‘earn it’, it’s just a video game, I should be able to play it how I want to (with out that affecting others) and it shouldn’t have to cost me 1000+ dollars to do it.

            My original comment didn’t take a dig at Microsoft, all I asked for was a game that let me play it how I want.

          • You say people should have to earn it but by that you mean people who aren’t rich should have to earn it.

            The grind wouldn’t be an issue if they weren’t selling the ability to skip it.

            Why should the rich be able to skip large portions of the game if they don’t have the time but the poor should not be able to?

          • “You say people should have to earn it but by that you mean people who aren’t rich should have to earn it.”

            No – that’s not what I mean at all – and I don’t know how hard you’d have to twist my 1000’s of words around to arrive at that conclusion.

            Why should the rich be able to skip large portions of the game if they don’t have the time but the poor should not be able to?

            you’re kidding right? FFS. First World Crisis! Why should poor people be playing games at all! Rich people can afford to buy more games, and pay small third world children to play them for them! You’ve gone from stretching – to outright lunacy.

            But I’m pretty sure you’re just trolling me now anyway, so – enjoy!

  • It’s the biggest pitfall of F2P games….. it feels like a cash grab because, well, it IS a cash grab. You don’t pay for the game, you pay for the things that you want. And, I don’t know about everyone else, but I always feel a little dirty when I pay money in F2P games for things like cars etc.
    A combination of both guilt, knowing that I *could* have got the car with more grinding, “am I really that lazy?”. Then, also the constant thought in your head “should I pay money? Am I doing the right thing?”

    It’s just a dirty experience all around. I’d prefer to just purchase a game outright, at the very least to put my mind at ease while playing the game. I want to enjoy the game, not be constantly justifying how much money I should/shouldn’t be spending.

    • Ah yes but its different in Forza, You get the security of knowing you paid 60 dollars to own the game outright and the micro transactions of F2P.

      Its the best of both worlds!

      I always wonder when the developer effectively starts selling cheats if it becomes copyright infringement for me to use a save game editor or a game shark.

      • Is it so surprising that the generation that brought us cheats-as-DLC is also the one that brought us encrypted save games, and DRM effective enough to lock out devices like the Game Shark or Action Replay?

      • You get the security of knowing you paid 60 dollars to own the game outright and the micro transactions of F2P.

        $60 would be the American price, I paid $89 for my Day One Edition.

        I completely agree with you that Micro$oft and Turn 10 have made Forza 5 a cash grab, but it’s not the only game on the Xbone that’s doing it.

        Every time you go to buy an upgrade in Ryse: Son Of Rome, it asks you if you want to pay with Valour (in game credits) or Gold (real money). I for one absolutely refuse to pay real money for stuff I can EARN by just playing the game. I bought every upgrade, and almost every execution from just over one playthrough, keep in mind that Ryse is a pretty short game.

        If you want us to spend money on in game stuff, MAKE YOUR GAME FREE. Killer Instinct for example can be downloaded for free with one character, and you can buy as many or as few characters as you want. I had absolutely no problem paying $52 odd dollars for the Ultimate Edition, because It’s basically the same as paying to upgrade a free demo to the full game.

        If we don’t like this sort of thing all we need to do is speak with our wallets, and post in forums to let them know how angry we are about it. Trust me, it’ll work, we got Micro$oft to go back on their always online and used games policies didn’t we.

        • Gold in Ryse isn’t real money, it’s the reward you earn playing multiplayer (Centurion fighting for Rome increases his valour; dude entertaining the colosseum crowd earns money)

          • Gold in Ryse isn’t real money,

            I thought I was having short term memory loss or something, so I booted up Ryse to make sure, and yes gold in Ryse COSTS REAL MONEY. Like I said when you go to buy an upgrade or execution it asks you if you want to “Pay With Valor”, “Pay With Gold”, or “Buy Gold”, click on “Buy Gold” and it takes you to a store page where they have various amounts, the highest one being 25,000 gold for $26.95.

            I haven’t played any of the multiplayer yet, so for all I know you are right and you do earn gold from that mode of the game, but there IS an option to BUY Gold, so cashed up morons can pay to unlock everything straight away if they want to.

  • This is what pisses me off. If you pay full price for a game you shouldn’t be slugged with micro transactions on top! If this is the future of gaming and become ubiquitous across the board, then I’m out!

  • is this the future of gaming with micro-dlc? Used to be you pay for a game, you own everything in that game. I don’t mind paying for an add on such as Dawnguard, but paying for individual cars? Maybe this is Microsoft’s plan for a digital only console

  • I was thinking about getting the Xbox One just to play this. Glad I didn’t. I spent hours creating graphics and customising cars in Forza 4 and loved it. To hear that all the in game marketplace based around that is gone is very disappointing.

    PiratePete really sums up the attitude of the developers and it’s a deal breaker for me. Reminds me of whatever that terrible NFS game was that was given out for free after SimCity failed. Find a new car out on the street. Ooops sorry this ones DLC let me take you directly to the marketplace page for it.

    I’m getting a PS4 now for Metal Gear games. I know they are going cross platform but the controller is what I’m used to for the titles. Simple thing like that really is all it takes for me.

    • Strictly my opinion, but I’ve adored the Forza series since the beginning, and when I tried out Forza 5 it didn’t feel new or fresh at all, definitely not worth dropping half a grand for a new console on. So don’t feel too bad. I’m absolutely gutted to hear about this nickel and diming in the game now. And yeah, I cracked the shits with that NFS Most Wanted game, got it free on PS+ and felt like I paid too much!!!

  • I honestly don’t mind the idea behind this, however i think they’ve taken it too far.

    There was definitely a few times where i felt forza 4 was far too easy to upgrade a car to it’s full capacity and buy a new one a few races after.

    the game is likely made this way as they have a much smaller car roster on this one, skimping on discounts and credit payouts makes the list of cars seem longer and to be honest it creates a big of variety within the game rather than everyone just driving around in fully upgraded cars.

    Forza is striving to become a proper SIMULATOR, if you want a game to pick up and screw around on pick up horizons which is why they made it.

    • But previously the game was able to satisfy people wanting a hardcore simulator and an arcade racer.

      The only reason they have changed this is to nickel and dime us.

      As you yourself just said, they have included less content for the same price and made it more grindy to try and make it seem more substantial.

      • yeah but since the release of horizons they no longer need to feed two mouths with one pie 🙂

        so hardcore gamers can have their hardcore game and arcade gamers can have their stuff around game.

        as for making the game seem more substantial on release i see no problem with this, you wouldn’t get shitty at a designer putting mirrors in your house to make it seem bigger this is the same thing. i like commiting to a game and grinding and actually haveing to spend time to EARN things. society these days expects everything to be easy, convenient and provided.

        • A game that adds the ability for the rich to skip the hard work is exactly what you seem to be against…

          Its not feeding 2 mouths with 1 pie, its splitting one pie into 2 half pies and charging the same price.

          • Yes i’m against that, but im for creating a more substantial experience.

            This would be fixed if you could change race settings to not include paid players or paid for cars in the race to make it more even.

    • Sure, a simulator, make it hard if you want. but don’t have it that you can pay 100s of dollars as a shortcut.
      Make it hard or make it easy, but don’t screw me for money. My brother has taken his XB1 back due to unreasonable install times on slow internet, I’m not buying one, even though I loved previous Forzas, I’m just not going to support this model of screwing you over. I paid for a game, I don’t want some prick who has hundreds to burn to get access to the cars when I can’t in a reasonable timeframe.

  • it pisses me off to no end. the push for more DLC, and micro transactions! I took a stand with black ops 2. I mean why don’t the put the game price up 20 buks and guarantee a new d/l every month or something. why do they make u spend hundreds when you invested in their game!

  • To the real ‘rev heads’ at Turn10 – don’t let your misguided Marketing ‘gurus’ destroy the essence your brilliant franchise! Now with all that DLC revenue…how about some free new tracks!

  • So they respond to complaints about pricing and grinding by saying; ‘pay more money for the VIP pack and we’ll give you more stuff…. temporarily’.

    Fuck you Turn 10. Fuck you.

  • Retarded. I buy a game, then I’ve bought that game and I get everything. You don’t like that deal? You don’t get my money. Have fun being conned, suckas.

  • I can’t believe how tight people are.
    Every time any sort of in game transactions is up for discussion, everyone cries poor and states that they have already played the game.
    I for one want more and more micro-transactions so I don’t have to play with a bunch of whinging peasants.

    • What a disgusting sentiment.

      It shouldn’t be any skin off my back if a company wants to charge money on a game I will likely never own since the monetary cost is negligible, it’s the intent I find repulsive. They want to treat us like doormats and wallets, and yet people like you are somehow okay with that. That’s right, paying for this shit isn’t ‘cool,’ nor does it elevate you above the rest of us serfs. What it does tell us (and Microsoft) is that you’re undiscerning with money and don’t care when taken advantage of. Microsoft loves consumers like you.

  • You all are the idiots that desided to ignore MS past 5 years worth of using its fan base as cash grabs. You lot get what you deserve. Dont blame the Forza developers, they are only doing what MS demanded them to do.

    All this Microtransactions on xbone was just a simple way for MS to see how stupid all you xbone owners are and how much extra cash you would throw at them after buying the game allready.

    Since Xbone was announce, PS4 fanboys have been telling xbone fanboys that MS will find a way to use you all as cash grabs and wallets and treat you all like stupid people, guess what?? They did exactly that the second xbone was launched.
    Now a few of my mates are allready planning on returning their xbone after they were getting nagged to spend money through advertisements while playing games, and feeling no respect from MS.

    You xbone fanboys deserve every bit of dirt MS deals you. You are a great example of why consumers are treated so bad now, instead of saying no to a console that lost a huge amount of popularity in the past 5 years and started treating consumers like brainless wallets, you just bought the Xbone and the same thing happened again. But whats funny is you sit their and wonder why your getting treated like this. Its cause you have encouraged it. Just stupidity.

    Whats funny is that MS will continue this practice cause I can bet ya ALOT of people spent real money.

    Now Titanfall is also rumoured to have Microtransactions aswell, which doesnt surprise me.

    • Do you live in a bubble or something?
      If you think that MS are the only company to have micro-transactions in games you are seriously delusional.
      How about spending a buck for a pair of shoes in PS Home?
      I don’t know the history of such things but if anything I’d hazard a guess that PC games were the first to come up wit this idea.
      Then I assume the popularity sky rocketed with Social Media site crappy Games.
      Anyway keep bashing MS if you like but I doubt you can escape the micro-transaction system no matter where you go.
      It will raise it’s head on every platform in some form or another.

      • PS home has Microtransactions, but thats a FREE game, and fun can be had without spending money, and it $1 to buy clothing, and i bought a house for $9. Get a ps3 before you critises it for stuff you have never used.
        Sony dont charge u $90 for a game, then make it hard to progress or unlock stuff so that ur encouraged heavily to spend money.

        What MS are doing is treating its consumers like crap, something Sony doesnt do. But you xbox fanboys always have something to say, regardless how pathetic.

        But you cant defend MS charging gamers $400 to get their faulty Xbones fixed, which is being reported by gamers in America and europe.

    • While I don’t agree with your tone, I have to admit that you’re absolutely right when it comes to how Microsoft act nowadays. The money-grubbing is obvious even down to the UI, where games ended up not even being the focus after a couple of dashboard updates. I dearly miss when the Xbox was about playing games.

  • If the game was a free download and this system was implemented as their only source of revenue It wouldn’t bother me, but after 90-120 dollars for a game they can suck a dick. I was seriously considering getting an xbone to play this game until I read this article.

  • Lots of folk on here who clearly have never really played the game.

    Whilst I am not keen on micro transactions, earning cr in this game is not hard. I have done the 10 Ferrari challenge and I have been given 2 cars (lotus f1 and La Ferrari) at random in the game, also I got over 3 mill credits from their rewards program. Only effort required play the game till tier 3 with points and collect the cash.

    Other than paying for the VIP program (something I typically do with all games taking the equivalent of the hardened edition) I haven’t spent any serious cash on the game. After 7 days I am at about 114 driver level and have 18 cars and still have 1.7 mill in credits spare.

    Not really seeing a problem here, Ryse now that is a different matter and is imho evil in the way it would suck kids in to spanking their parents credit cards. Forza 5 however is not a major problem for anyone who wants to PLAY the game from what I can tell.

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