Four New PS4 Commercials Hype Up Next Week's Launch

We are officially 10 days away from the PlayStation 4, and to mark the occasion, Sony has a bunch of new sizzle reels for its upcoming next-gen console.

Today we've got four new commercials, all PS4-centric, all super-hypey. I think the most interesting is the look at Remote Play — for me, that feature could be a game-changer once the PS4 starts getting some RPGs — but if you want to get yourself pumped up for the next generation of gaming consoles, check'em all out:


    Why the 29th for Aus...

      Well we're getting it well before Japan, which is a first. And only 2 weeks after the US. Compared to previous console releases, that's pretty damn good.

        I don't understand how Japan isn't getting this straight away. I mean Sony is a Japanese company, why leave the home team out of the initial launch?

          Because Japan is not a big market these days - they seem more interested in handhelds than home consoles. So given that they won't be able to produce enough consoles to meet demand, they might as well focus on the bigger markets.

          Also, Microsoft can't even give the XBox away in Japan anyway, so Sony know they can leave it a few months and not give up any ground to MS there - might as well send the consoles to where the competition will be fiercer. Especially since MS aren't launching in Japan this year either.

    I am going to wait a bit before getting the PS4, already getting the Xbox One and a new video card, playing Ghosts on Normal is shocking

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