Get Classic Platformer Blackthorne Free From Blizzard Right Now

I've never been a big platformer fan, but Blackthorne, like Flashback and Prince of Persia before it, had a different feel that I found completely awesome. Now you can enjoy Blackthorne again, without having to track it down on a random website, as Blizzard is offering it as a free download.

To acquire the game, all one has to do is log into, hit up the "Download Game Clients" link on the right-hand side of the account page and scroll to the bottom. It's right there under "Classic Games".

Nothing appears to have been added or changed and rather than adapt it for modern operating systems, the executable is run inside DOSBox, a popular emulator for MS-DOS. Don't worry, it's completely fire-and-forget, with nothing to configure on the user's end (not that I'd have minded if there was).

So, give it a go. What else would you possibly want to do on a Saturday anyway? [Blizzard, via BlizzPro]


    This is a pretty classic SNES game, Jim Lee did the box art.

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