Gird Yer Wallets. Steam Sales Are Upon Us...

I wasn't paying attention, so this totally took me by surprise. A steam sale, of this magnitude? Tread carefully friends...

The 'spring' sale runs until December 3 and will have new deals each day. Today's have another 20 hours to go, so plenty of time to splurge.

There are some good ones up for sale, including Skyrim which you most likely own, but JUST BUY IT AGAIN OR SOMETHING.

Terraria is $2.49. I am actually considering buying that. Oh, and AntiChamber, that's only $4.99. I'm ashamed to say I haven't played that yet. I'm buying that right now.

The Walking Dead is on sale as well, but that's always on sale!

Alright, I'm out. You can take a look at what's on sale here. Anyone buying anything? Let us know in the comments below.


    Must be fiscally responsible this time around. No games for me.

    ...oh hell, who am I kidding?

    I haven't seen much if any memorable double post of the same topic here on Kotaku but if there'll be one, it god damn should be because of Valve/Steam sales.

    Loving this, I can't wait till I get off work and spend hours browsing the shop and adding to my wishlist while I poop :P

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    I can feel my CC trying to wriggle its way out of my wallet already

      Actually why didn't i think of that? THAT'S GENIUS!

    Damn you steam, I am meant to be saving for a new pram for my 3rd! Why do you have to have a sale when I get PAID!

    XBox One out last week, PS4 out tonight, new Skylanders and Disney Infinity figures out today, now this, please stop, my wallet can't take anymore.

    And on top of all that there's an XBox Marketplace Black Friday sale on.

    Also, I believe there's gonna be one day only deals on Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

    I only really want Enslaved and Castlevania, hopefully they get really cheap. If not, there's always Christmas.

    Must not buy anything else. Seriously. Still have at least 5 games from the last sale that I haven't even started yet.

    Thank god I'm broke from joining the next generation of gaming.


    I had to stop buying copies several sales back when I ran out of people to give it to.

    Gamefly has much better deals. Also use GFDNOV20 for another 20% off.
    PAYDAY 2 $15
    Bioshock Infinite $8
    Civ 5 BNW $10
    Dishonored $5
    prices before discount!/pc

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      Got interested for a moment but Dishonored is $15 not $5 *sadface*
      Which is the same price it's on steam minus the convict tax

      Might want to mention you need a geoblocker to even be able to add them to your cart. Went to buy Metro Last Light and it told me no because I live in the wrong region.

        Not for all of the games on there though. Just the ones where we got a different version I'm guessing? Because it blocks Saints Row IV but games like Bioshock and XCOM aren't blocked.

        I can't buy Civ V for that very reason. Is there a way around this?

      Went to Gamefly.
      Got Bioshock Infinite for $8.
      Put on sunglasses.

    Scroll right to the bottom of the Steam homepage ... it made me smile :)

      yeah i scrolled, and was like "wait... huh... ohhh"

      The links actually work too, they take you to an upside down store page.

      Yeah I just tried the US page top check. It orients the page as "Spring" Or "Autumn" depending on where you are. Nice touch! :p

    Only thing I've been interested in so far was the skyrim DLC but they're still way to expensive for my sad little budget

      Just get the legendary edition 16 bucks for all dlc

        Then I've got a wasted copy of basic skyrim I can't gift though, that kinda sucks

          Still a huge saving compared to buying them individually

          Can you still get the basic edition? I thought the legendary edition was the only one on Steam now.

            You can but y would u only get the basic edition. Both are about the same price. But u get all the dlc on the legendary edition

              I agree, I just thought you couldn't get the basic one any more at all, which would have removed the problem alias had.

    Awww. Missed an the opportunity to show what at the bottom of the Sale website.

    I just bought state of decay yesterday at full price!!! Oh well. Pretty amazing game.

    Bought rouge legacy, castle story, skyrim legendary edition just this morning someone help me. I know I won't be playing in awhile since there's bf4 double Xp week.

      Rogue Legacy is great.

      Shortsighted, colourblind mage with coprolalia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome who can make a giant sword fly around killing things.

    Ok I am fail.
    Never steamed - so do I need to open a US account or is an Aus one OK?

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