GOG Has The Entire Wing Commander Series On Sale Right Now

GOG Has The Entire Wing Commander Series On Sale Right Now

It’s been a while since Malcolm McDowell and Mark Hamill, uh, hammed it up in a game together. That doesn’t mean we don’t miss them and their furry anthropomorphised enemies, the Kilrathi. If this is beginning to sound a lot like something Wing Commander-related, congratulations! It is. Specifically, GOG is selling the entire series of games for a 50 per cent discount.

At the time of writing, there’s about 10 and a half hours left on the deal, which offers the following titles:

  • Wing Commander 4: The Price of Freedom
  • Wing Commander 3 Heart of the Tiger
  • Wing Commander: Privateer
  • Wing Commander 1+2
  • Wing Commander: Academy
  • Wing Commander 5: Prophecy Gold Edition
  • Wing Commander: Armada
  • Privateer 2: The Darkening

According to the promo page, buying the games individually would set you back almost $US50, but if you pick them up now, it’s $US23.92 for the lot.

Why the sale? Apparently it’s to celebrate the recent availability of Wing Commander: Armada on GOG, which is as good a reason as any to offer a bunch of awesome space sims for cheap.

Now, go back to the top of this story and look at the image of a surly Mark Hamill some more.

Wing Commander Complete Series special 50% off discount [GOG]


    • I have 3-4 and prophecy on disk, but wouldn’t mind owning them all win 8 patched, I like to keep all my digital purchases in one place tho so steam or gtfo.

      • I’ve got prophecy on disc, but have failed to get it running a couple of times. It runs but it’s way too fast to play.

        The rest I own on GOG and they work great.

    • If you have any of the other games on GOG, they discount all the ones you don’t have (as long as you buy ALL the ones you don’t have).

      I had WC 1-5 on disc, but I’m betting many of them wouldn’t work on 64-bit WIndows 7. I have a bit more confidence in the GOG ports. You also get all the expansions – I didn’t have the WC5 expansion.

      • I didn’t get all of the expansions with the GOG ports, I got only 1 with WC1 and from memory there should be 2.

        I also missed out on WC5 expansions as well. But I’ve played through WC5 quite a few times so I’m content to miss out, and spend time with wc3 & 4 before star citizen is released.

        Can’t wait!

  • Wing Commander 3 was the first PS1 game I ever bought – it was mind-blowing at the time. Star Citizen gives me the same feeling.

    (yes I know Wing Commander was PC first…)

    • A funny thing I remember, was on the last mission of WC3 where you were supposed to cloak halfway through the mission before going onto the final part. If you didn’t cloak, the game would just let you fly perpetually until you figured that out. Took me about an hour of str8 flying to realise I would never arrive at the destination, hahaha, but it was one of those things where if you stuffed up you would have to do it again, and I didn’t want to stop. I did have to do it again.

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