Gorgeous Racing Game Does The Smart Thing, Abandons Current-Gen

Gorgeous Racing Game Does The Smart Thing, Abandons Current-Gen

For a game so impossibly beautiful, it always seemed strange that Project Cars was headed not just for the PC, but dated hardware like the Xbox 360 and PS3. It's less weird now then that those old machines will no longer be seeing the game.

Instead, the game's developers announced today that in addition to a final PC release - including Valve's Steam OS - in 2014, Project Cars will also be coming to Xbox One and PS4, leaving those console's contemporary predecessors eating its dust.

And with that, everything in the world was at peace. Or... is it? Because while the 360 and PS3 versions are done for, the Wii U edition is still on the books. Weird.

[Project Cars]


    The Wii U is a lot more capable than the 360 and ps3 maybe? Naah, can't say that. It doesn't fit in with the 'media trying to destroy the WiiU' conspiracy.

    This is what Poly should've done.

      not really... GT6 is really a polished version of GT5, they will have GT7? for the Ps4

    Wow. Wii U? Really? Frickin' sweet! I'll take all the games I can get for the Wii U.

    when are people going to realise that a SteamOS version just means "a Linux port"... its a good thing don't get me wrong... but essentially it just means it'll run on linux lol

      Yeah. Metro last light is now on Linux so that would make it a Steam OS version too.

      Linux is what nerds and scary hackers use.... [and people that can't afford superior windows PC's]

      ... steamOS is for uber 1337 gamers, jo

      Last edited 08/11/13 11:09 am

        Wow this post just gave me cancer. One can only handle so much stupid at a time.

    I've been wanting a proper racing game like Forza or GT for PC for soooo long. Hope this is good.

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