Got A Broken Xbox One? Punch It

Got A Broken Xbox One? Punch It.

This fix isn't exactly elegant. And it's far from guaranteed to work, since only a handful of people have had success with it. But if your Xbox One has a busted disc drive, and you want to try fixing it in the most awesome way possible, flip it over and punch it. Hard.

There have been a few reports of this method working, the best one summed up in Dave D's video below, which theorises that the culprit is a gear in the loading mechanism that can be "realigned" with a little force.

And, hey, as you can see in the vid, it worked for Dave. Though remember it may not/probably won't work for you!

Fix Xbox One Blu-Ray Grinding [YouTube, via GamesBeat]


    Violence. If its not fixing a problem your just not using enough.

    Nothing like a good hard whack to make you feel better!

    This had to have been discovered in Australia - "Just give her a bash mate, she'll be right."

    That awkward moment where they don't replace your faulty console, as it's not faulty anymore.

    Or you know return it since there's so many left over that's what warranty is for

    In the I.T. industry we call this the: "Technical Tap" :D

    You can use this trick but I think this "Fix" will sooner or later demage the xbone more to the point of making you warranty useless.
    Better of taking it back to the store or calling MS.

    Do not Listen to this fix as it could potentially demage the disc drive even more and demage other parts in the Xbox. Be smart and not stupid like this author.

    It's call percussive maintenance. A well-known phenomenon.

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