Gran Turismo 6 Reaches For The Stars And It’s Beautiful

Gran Turismo 6 Reaches For The Stars And It’s Beautiful

This is perhaps one of the strangest promotional videos for a car game I have ever seen, but it’s also one of the most beautiful.

Most racing games tend to focus marketing material on the cars themselves, or the tracks. Motorsport porn, essentially. Look at these cars, how good they look, how the light reflects on the curves of the bodywork, the slight imperfections.

[Groans in otherworldly pleasure]

Gran Turismo is especially ‘guilty’ of this — not that there’s anything especially wrong with ogling cars and getting excited about the prospect of driving them on virtual tracks. We play video games, that’s what we do.

But this trailer takes the cars out of the equation. It also takes out the tracks. You won’t find Bathhurst in this video. The cars are there, but they’re peripheral.

In this trailer we are being asked to look at something most of us will ignore while we’re zipping around bends at high speeds. We are being asked to look up at the cute little twinkly stars. Sweet.

You might not be a fan of hardcore racing sims, they tend to play to a pretty niche market, but you can’t deny the level of detail that goes into making Gran Turismo the video game franchise it is. It is all about those small details. That’s where the depth is. There is little need for Polyphony Digital to put so much into the stars. Gran Turismo is hardly a game like Skyrim of Grand Theft Auto V. No-one is ever going to gaze up at the sky in wonder. Not in a car game. They’ll be too busy drooling over the cars themselves.

But that’s Polyphony Digital. All about the details that no-one else cares about. That’s why this video is pretty cool in my book.


    • Its probably been in development since GT5 came out, so once the PS4 hardware was finalised it was too late for them to port it.
      Besides, the PS3 has a much bigger install base at the moment.
      Wouldnt be suprised if it appeared on the PS4 sometime in the future though. Perhaps halfway between the release of GT6 and GT7

      • Apparently they originally planned to release GT6 on PS4 ‘much later’ down the track, then I think Kaz said they’re gonna just do GT7 instead.

    • The engine is written [more importantly, *optimised*] for the CELL architechture, which is completely different than x86 found in the PS4.
      To the point that even a port will be difficult, as it will require a completely different paradigms in regards to threading and memory management.
      GT games have always pushed the limits of the hardware they are on, so a port is never going to be an option. A complete engine rewrite is likely in the works for PS4.

  • you won’t find Bathhurst in this video.

    Yes you will. Pretty obvious when the Supercheap Auto sign lights up.
    Also, focusing on accurate star movement instead of the cars and tracks is why Forza is the industry leader for console car racing instead of Gran Turismo.

  • ” You won’t find Bathhurst in this video”

    Oh I disagree. 59 seconds in. Supercheap auto signage can be seen.

  • The fact that the PS3 got ONE, much delayed and slightly underwhelming (if still great) GT game during its prime is an epic f*ck-up on Polyphony/ Sony’s behalf.

    Seriously, how hard is it to have some project management skills so that your products hit shelves somewhere near an appropriate time?

    The GT games were absolute highlights for the PS1/ PS2 generations. While Forza gave GT 4 some solid competition they were still considered to be the market leader. The PS3 gets GT5, heaps late, with more than half the cars still running PS2 models and a front-end designed by the work experience kid.

    Now we get GT6 after the PS4 is already out, and probably a half-assed GT6 PS4 edition in mid-late 2014. GT7 will probably be the first fully-fledged PS4 GT game but on current form it will be out in 2017.

    Meanwhile the 360 received 3 benchmark setting Forza games and started developing for the Xbone in 2011 so we get a new Forza at launch.

    • Strange that from what I’ve read, Forza on XBox One still doesn’t do the day / night driving as shown in this video. Nor does it do wet weather, despite both of these being in GT5 (and presumably GT6) on PS3. You’d think with all that next gen power at their disposal they could have got that in there.

      Personally, I wish Polyphony would go back to the drawing board with the sound effects in GT before doing anything else with it. Right now driving a Ferrari sounds about as exciting as standing in an elevator. About the only thing duller than the engine sounds is the sound when you crash… slamming into a wall or another car at 200kph sounds like somebody kicking a cardboard box across the room.

      • It is lame that Forza 5 won’t have weather or night racing, especially since they said when Forza 4 came out that it didn’t have it in because they wanted to keep the game running at 60fps on the 360. GT5 (and I’d imagine 6 too) drops to 30fps for the night races.

        It does make you wonder if they couldn’t make a graphical jump, add impressive new weather AND nail 1080p 60fps on their first go with the Xbone in time to make launch. It’s even weirder because from the previews I’ve read the biggest improvement from Forza 4 is apparently the lighting and it’s interactions with the various parts in and out of the car, you’d think night racing would be a priority (even if I don’t personally care that much).

  • One of the things I’m most looking forward to is the music! There were hundreds of great house/lounge tracks in GT5 that I became addicted listening to. So hopefully GT6 cooks up similar musical recipes, preferably by licensing music from known artists and/or getting music made for the game itself!

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