Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Goes Mobile Next Month

iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows Mobile gamers will soon be able to dive into an enhanced version of early '90s Los Santos, where protagonist CJ will have another chance to follow the damn train. Expect enhanced graphics, controller support (woot) and a distinct lack of hot coffee. Keep an eye on Rockstar for more in the coming weeks.


    Fuck yeah, but i fear my iPad 2 probably will not be up to par to run this smoothly.

    I do remember Rockstar saying when they released Vice City mobile that San Andreas would be possible but be a huge technical challenge, it's nice to know that they accepted the challenge.

    On windows store!?! Now I've heard everything. Wonder if my Lumia 920 can handle it.

    Has anyone played a GTA game on a mobile device? Is it actually playable and if yes, enjoyable?

      I played GTA 3 on iOS, not bad, touch controls took a bit to get use to, but not as good as physical controls of course. I played VC on my Note 2, again touch controls where OK, but being on Android I just connected my PS3 controller to it and used it instead. HDMI out to TV and I was playing GTA VC on my 55inch using a PS3 controller. Can't wait to do the same with SA!

      Yes. GTA3 and Vice City. Not as enjoyable as I hoped. The awkward touch controls make everything a bit more difficult than it should be.

    Ok, now the mobile platforms are out of the way... how about 1080p HD versions for PS3/4/Vita with trophies and all that!

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