GTA Online $500,000 Stimulus Package Starts Now

GTA Online $US500,000 Stimulus Package Starts Now

Starting today, you should begin to see money filling up your delicious virtual Los Santos coffers — Rockstar just announced that the GTA Online stimulus package will kick off today.

Anyone who played GTA Online in October will get a free $US500,000. It's Rockstar's way of saying sorry for all the launch woes and technical difficulties in their online open-world game, which came free with copies of GTA V.

"We expect that it will take up to 2 full days for the Stimulus Package to be fully delivered to the entire player base from October 2013, so please be patient if you do not see it appearing in your in-game bank account just yet," Rockstar writes on their blog. "We will update this post on Friday when we expect all the GTA$ Stimulus Package deposits to have been completed."

Inflation for everyone!


    My friend in Adelaide told me that he got his about an hour ago. Haven't checked mine yet.

    Awesome. Might pull me off bf4 and give my pc a chance to cool off.

    Imagine if rockstar fucked up and dropped the cash into players wallets instead of their bank accounts in game... Oh the muggings!

      I'm waiting for someone to put a $500,000 bounty down on some poor fool.

        Everyone goes nuts to kill someone with a 5k bounty, I don't think it would make much of a difference :p

      Launch a private game deposit... Done
      Or better yet instant deposit on your phone no ATM needed

      I got mine in my bank account directly and am in melbourne

    A little (virtual) spending spree might take my mind off the problems plaguing BF4. Now if only I can resist buying clothes and put it towards something more useful (apartment/cars).

    Thanks R*!

    I missed out by a couple days on both Xbox's. :( PS3 may get it though.

    I don't care about the money - just give us HEISTS!!!!!!

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    Let the night of 100 bounties commence........My GTA guy has everything else he wants(dirt bike...check, cowboy hat...check) so I might as well try and ruin other peoples fun.....Though I like having a bounty on my head, I've managed to survive 3 without doing anything boring like run to my house and hide or fly an airplane for 48 minutes.

      If you survive a bounty on anything but a train ... you're doing it wrong.

        Another bounty and I teamed up, we both got into a helicopter and flew off together, flew around randomly shooting people for fun.

        Unfortunately for him, my bounty wore off. I landed, got out and shot him before he realised. Thankfully he saw the funny side of my purely dick move when he said he would've done the same thing lol. *ashamed*

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    Got mine, also doing the car selling glitch... currently have 2m... :D

      Didn't Rockstar say they were banning for that glitch?

        Then stop I shall! lol

        *Edit* Just read no theyre not banning people, but they are doing things like putting Dunces caps on cheaters hahahaha. Epic. Labelling them 'cheaters' and putting them on servers together. I've got what I wanted out of it. A great car, the 400k apartment. Im not the kind to exploit the crap out of it. (Beyond what I have lol)

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          Hmm, looks like I had some bogus source on that. My bad.

            I wouldn't go saying that, there's been dozens of stories floating around. I've seen at least two dunce caps running around the last 48 hours, was wondering where the hell they'd come from? Reading that though confirms it for me lol. But, to that end, I'm definitely not doing it any more. I've got my house, my car and my bike. I don't want to break the game for myself any more.

        I really don't think they could ban people for using a glitch without a huge uproar. As the consumer you are operating within the parameters of the product you were sold. If people were modding or hacking it'd be another story, essentially it's the companies fault. Not saying that exploiting is a good thing, just a thought.

      I smashed out a whole day of replaying a high paying quick mission the day before they fixed that glitch. Went from lvl 15 to lvl 81 in one day.

        Holy crap. You can still do level advancement quickly via races. Grab a friend, 1 lap races, aquaducts or airport, just race, open up everything, 1k experience per race, very quick. But DAMN. And yeah I agree, this isn't hacking, granted it is taking advantage of something and it is ruining enjoyment of the game somewhat so I have stopped but I have my 'spoiled character' and I have a second 'working class character' I will work towards everything with.

          Day 1 enjoyment was being ruined by pre orderers with machine guns taking everyone out with pistols anyway. Doing that just encourages boosting.

            Yep. I have the preorder 50cal pistol and Bullpup shotgun. I can use those in multiplayer but purposely hold off doing so until I hit level 15 on purpose. My nephew and I play on the same servers and he didnt have the preorder stuff, so I wanted it to be fair between us when playing together. When I did however use them when he wasn't on, I did notice the immense advantage they gave.

    Car selling glitch?

      It was a glitch where you could potentially sell a car over and over and yet still keep the car, so yeah some people have like ten's of millions of GTA$. It has been patched though, in case you were wondering.

        Nope it sure hasn't yet. You can still do it. Use the dominator, gives the best resale value once fully upgraded.

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          Really? Wow I thought it had been patched (1.04) so even with the 1.05 patch they still haven't got to it eh? Oh well I guess Rockstar are too busy trying to nerf all other legitimate sources of income. That whole half your payout on a mission you have already done thing was a real kick to the sack.

            Yeah I thought that was really pissweak of them. They're clearly angling this whole online game towards people buying microtransactions to get the top tier stuff like sports cars, planes etc. I got myself a helicopter today, thinking 'Oh that'd be a wise investment!' but then found out I need to PAY a grand every time I want to USE it!!!! To add pain to insult to injury I have to TRAVEL to get the damn thing at the airport or whatnot.

            Where mind you, there's FREE HELICOPTERS.


            Now that I'm level thirty, I can call Merriweather, get a helicopter sent to me for pickup for 1k, shoot the pilot and use the helicopter the exact same way.

            1.4 million unwisely spent. *shrug* I got it ill-gottenly, but I really feel for those who are gonna spend money on micro-transactions or spend days/weeks building up money legitimately and get *screwed* like this. The 400k apartment should have a bloody helipad on the roof. It really should. Infact ALL the 10 car garage apartments should.

            Or you should be able to buy a hangar.

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              Ahh that sucks. And Yeah! a helipad would be so good. I do that helicopter pickup all the time. But if ever I need a helicopter while Merryweather are forgiving me for putting a hole in their pilot, I usually just go to the Central Los Santos hospital as there are two helipads on the roof that can sometimes spawn the buzzard/Annihilator. Or if i'm in the country-side I just go to Trevor's helipad.

              Honestly though the only thing worth buying in the million range is the Tank, you may have to be level 70 but damn that thing is nigh invincible, and can destroy most things in one shot.

                Indeed. I'm buying all the sports cars, just because I want them. Some of them are sweet as. The biggest pricktease in the game though is the James Bond vehicle with the guns...

                That don't work. Ever. Except 2 story missions.

                What a waste of a bloody vehicle.

    I have an almost fully modded out Sultan that sells for $100000 each time :-)

    Just got my 500,000 today, woot!

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