Halo 4 Blooper Reel Is Worth Watching Just For Creepy Cortana

Halo 4 Blooper Reel Is Worth Watching Just For Creepy Cortana

The people behind Halo 4 just released this blooper reel. It's creepy, kinda funny, and worth watching just for Creepy Cortana, which is apparently based off a 343 designer's face.

Watch right here:


    Why would they make a blooper reel for a blooper reel?

      Ohhhh buuuurn!

        Broken multiplayer aside, I actually played through that campaign today (I'm going through a bunch of games before the Xbone comes out) and the campaign is quite good. I skipped all the missions in which you mainly fight Prometheans though cause I don't find them at all enjoyable to fight. The music is really weak though, and the audio in the cutscenes is completely broken. But the graphics and cutscenes are really top notch. And it controls sweet and tight. I give props to 343 fort hose aspects. Credit where credit is due etc

          Not that much praise from me. I'm planning a retrospective of all Halo games that will lead up to a tearing of Halo 4. With as much pointless details as I put in here https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst229354_Teaching-changes--not-forcing-them.aspx

            As far as Halo campaigns go though, I Halo 4 is not on par with Bungie's Halo games. I'd put it second last, just in front of Halo; Combat Evolved (not a big of a fan of CE as most people, to me it had a number of incredible moments glued together by bland, repetitive environments and dull encounters).

            But don't make me try and rank H2, H3, Reach and ODST in order. I love them all so much for different reasons. They all have such a special flavour to them and I couldn't choose the best.

            I too am going on a Halo marathon (starting with 4, getting that out of the way first cause it kinda feels like fan-fic and not an official Halo). I played LOADS of ODST firefight last night with 3 mates. SO SO SO much fun. Love it.

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              I think Halo 4 failed even as a game, way too generic and boring.

              I wish I had people to play ODST with, never got a chance to fully play Firefight in that. I did have friends that played it but they treated me as the fifth wheel who was only worth his car and internet speed.

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                I'd join in but xbox live, you know? I don't want to dance those bones anymore.

    Ugh, Halo 4 Cortana. No thanks.

    The highlight of the reel might be the incredible ballooning head of that woman.

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