Blizzard’s Online Trading Card Game Aims For iPhone And Android

Blizzard’s Online Trading Card Game Aims For iPhone And Android

Hearthstone, Blizzard’s online trading card game, will get an iPhone and Android port next year, Blizzard just announced. The open beta for the game starts next month.


  • It’s perfect for it.

    I’d like more than a 2 sentence article though. What will it cost? Will it use the same account as the PC version? Open beta at the start or the end of the month?

    • It is free, but you can pay money for booster decks (final prices TBA)
      It will use a synced account across platforms, synced to your account
      Open beta at some stage next month, not specified when and of course could always become delayed, but they continue to release closed beta keys, and mentioned they have already sent out over 1 million of them.

    • That’s literally all the info that’s out, they’ve announced an iOS and Android version, open beta for PC starts in December and that’s that. Also it’s a free-to-play game so I highly doubt it’ll cost any thing on the play store/itunes.

    • Pretty sure the whole point is to get people playing everywhere, regardless of device so likely the same model. It’s honestly a brilliant idea because the game is addictive enough as it is, now on the go? Good luck productivity lol…

  • Sounds like a great idea. I’ve found Duels of the Planeswalkers a much better experience as touchscreen game than the Steam version.

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