See How Fast The New Xbox One Dashboard Is


    Great demo, this is looking very fast and polished indeed.

    He voice commands from Forza, to IE, to TV, then back to Forza and says hes right back where he was. . . but he wasnt. Its not where he left off.

      If you look at the map, you are right he has moved, but i'd wager this is more to them editing things than the game not keeping him in the same place (Its a 20m difference or something, which is about how far he moved the first time he showed us).

      As in they took a few takes to get the xbox to respond so well or something similar, either that or it still drove for a couple seconds after he left the game, which now i think of it seems likely. Though i can't say i would ever not pause something before switching out personally.

      i assume the game keeps playing unless you pause it, so the car probably just kept rolling forward.

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      The car was rolling.

        That's pretty shit then. Youd want the game top pause.

          No. I wouldn't want it to involuntarily pause when you switch. That'd suck. Imagine a game where you're waiting for something to happen or time to pass. You're waiting for your woodcutters to gather enough wood in Kefllings, or you're waiting for 5 minutes to pass in Borderlands so the vending machines reset. You switch to the internet or TV to pass a few minutes and you'd want to have the game continue running in the background.

          I'm sure if you want to pause the game before snapping to something else, you can just hit the pause butting before issuing a voice command. It'll take a fraction of a second.

          It would annoy me if it auto-paused, akin to how youtube auto-pauses on phones when you leave it and won't play audio in the background.

            That because people were just using it as a music player. We can't have that much freedom!
            *feature removed*

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    Say what you want about using the kinect with games or not. It really does make the user interface quick and easy. Really does feel next gen.

    How could anyone not be excited about this?!?

    Great video. I'm now so happy I picked the Xbox One. The Skype function looks great. My wife will be able to use it very easily when I'm overseas soon. Just what I needed.

    What I want to know is more about the TV function. That is very US centric and I really hope that my Foxtel Cable TV box here in Australia will be able to be integrated like that. Or does it just pull HD TV streams from your TV tuner? I'm still not clear on that.

      It's just HDMI in, any box should work, however whether or not the Xbox guide will work in Australia is another story.

        You would have to assume that they would work something out with Foxtel seeing as they have Foxtel on Xbox here.

          I don't think Foxtel on Xbox is a launch app though. Hopefully it can run custom guide subscriptions like ICE TV too, and we don't just get stuck with Freeviews crappy inaccurate guide.

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    The one thing I'm after is picture within picture. Example would be Skype running while play games or a TV channel while in a game etc etc.

      Totally agree, PiP with TV or foxtel HDMI-in should be there IMO. So should app/game and a Kinect gesture to hide or switch which is big vs. small PiP. Loving the Kinect integration with X1.

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