Here’s How To Install A Hard Drive In A PS4

The PlayStation 4 comes with a 500GB hard drive, and let’s be real — that’s not gonna be enough space for some of you. The good news is that you can upgrade it.

Check out this video by gamespot, which walks you through what you need to do to swap in a new hard drive into your PS4. Thankfully, it’s nothing too complicated. And assuming you’re OK with the space the original hard drive affords you, installing a different hard drive might still be of interest: a SSD can allow you to load games a little faster. So, it’s definitely worth considering.

If you’re debating whether or not you should get a PS4 in the first place, make sure to read our review here.

How to Install a Hard Drive in a Playstation 4 [gamespot]


  • Does it void the warranty though?
    My first PS3 died on my pretty early, so I would hate to get a PS4, do this, and then not have warranty if I needed it

    • It didn’t void the warranty on the original PS3, although you had to keep the original hard drive to swap back in if you made a warranty claim.

  • I can do that on my pc. Though don’t really need to. Nothing will beat cartridge games. No load times and no need to worry about memory.

    • It beats me why they don’t have some sort of solid state cartridge for modern machines.

      The reduction in loading times alone would sell me on the machine straight away.

    • There’s always some douchebag making PC related comments in a console thread. I like what you did there, trying to slip in a master race comment with a completely off-topic console comment.

      Yes, you can change components in your PC… you can also do word processing in Word Perfect, draw cool pictures in Dr Halo and cross post updates about your balls to numerous social networking sites. This article is about the PS4 and I’m interested in how to do this, it’s relevant to me. Don’t devalue that with stupid comments.

      • I know rite pc is awesome omg. Lol chill mate, all I’m saying is consoles are more and more pc like. Old consoles were best. Isn’t the idea of a console to not need to upgrade the hardware? Pretty soon owning a console or connecting your pc to the tv will be no different at all, in fact it isn’t that different now. Just the OS.

      • Absolutely the cost would be HUGE. But the SSD in my PC makes a massive difference; would it not be the same in the PS4? I don’t know enough about how the PS4 works yet to know, but I’d be surprised if it didn’t make a nig difference.

        • Difference in PS3 is marginal, with only a few games showing noticeable reduction. I think with the increased RAM of PS4, and the SATAII controller, you’d be throwing away your money.

          • yeah if its only SATAII its going to bottleneck the SSD anyway, what a shame, next gen console my a$$.

            Although its still going to be twice the speed of a mechanical.

    • If you’ve got a game like Battlefield you play all the time that you’d never delete from the drive I think it’d be worth it. I love SSDs on my PC, so if I can get one in my next gen consoles I think it’ll be worth the cost. Then again I think I take my loathing of loading/installing screens a little further than most.

      • Looks like about $190 for the Samsung SSD they used in the video (assuming it’s the 250GB version). It’s a bit hard to say how usable 250GB is right now. I look at it and think maybe even 1TB isn’t going to go that far. If install times are dramatically reduced by a SSD I’d say 250GB would be enough for a few main games and whatever you’re playing that month. I would hope by the end of the generation a 1TB SSD isn’t outrageously priced.

    • TBH there is no point putting in an SSD.
      The PS4 does not have TRIM support.
      Also the HDD will not outlast the console because of the amount of data that would need to be written and re-written. Just think on how bad the first SSD’s were.. It will not last.
      Better off getting a standard HDD.

      • This man knows his stuff, SSD’s are AWFUL at re writing, it kills them so fast. Its why you really only want your ssd on pc to have OS plus the few games you play all the time or else you are going to nuke it within a year.

        Though i will say if it gave the ps4 a phenominal boost i might be tempted to chuck a tiny one in if the prices come down.

        • Not sure this is entirely true anymore, although no real life data can be accessed as they are still too new, recent accelerated life tests have shown that modern SSDs should last longer than mechanical drives, they lack the 2 things that cause traditional drives to wear out, heat and movement. The original drives wore out quickly but a lot of improvements have been made since then. I have them in all 3 of my PC’s for the past 2 years and not one has died yet and they are all running just as fast.

    • Not really. PCPER tested both SSHD and SSD alternatives to the installed HD with the PS4 and found that the load times, for example, only increased about 10% to 30% at best. It’s faster, but it is not at all like you would normally expect in the difference between a 5400rpm mechanical drive and an SSD.

    • Me too. I have a hybrid drive in my PC, and the performance was way better than I was expecting. Not quite SSD speeds, but still very snappy.

      • Hybrid will only prioritise the most commonly accessed files. Considering the cache is <10GB, that doesn’t even leave the full PS4 firmware enough room.

        • Yeah – good point. I guess the reason I like the hybrid is because of the boot time. You don’t see a huge number of load screens these days, so on the gaming side its doing fine.

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