Here's The Counter-Strike Player Who Won A Real Pig

Here's the Counter-Strike Player Who Won a Real Pig

Last month, there was a Counter-Strike Online 2 contest. The top prize was a pig. Like, an actual pig. Ladies and gents, we have a winner.

As previously mentioned, Counter-Strike Online 2 is licensed from Valve, but developed by Nexon Korea for Asia. It runs on Valve's Source engine.

And... 24-year-old Yoon Hee Wook was recently declared the contest's grand prize winner. Congrats to him!

Yoon thanked Nexon for the contest and had the live pig, which weighs 110kg, delivered to his uncle's farm in Namju, Junnam province in South Korea.

"I've never thought I would win a real pig," Yoon said (via Donga and tipster Sang). Hell, I never thought I'd see swine swag, so we're even there, buddy.

복돼지가 내 품에! 카스온2 '돼지 모드' 당첨자 나왔다 [Donga — Thanks Sang!]


    Just comes to show, playing Counter-Strike competitively is serious business

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