How Long Can A PS4 Last In A Microwave Before Bursting Into Flames?

Here we go again. Kenny Irwin is a self-styled "professional microwaver", who has melted down, let's see, a Nintendo 2DS, a Wii U, a 3DS and an Xbox 360. Think he'll take on the PlayStation 4? Of course he will. For art!

He's very careful to say this is a "non working" PlayStation 4 but I think that is apparent at around 2:40 in the above video, when the thing catches on fire. Otherwise, yes, that would be one hellacious casemod.

Irwin's masterpieces have sold before — the nuked Wii U went for $US3490.03. He's asking $US11,151.30 (well, that's the buy-it-now price.) It's received two bids, one declined.

Sure, there's a lot of day-one PS4 torture porn out there, but smashing one on a sidewalk at a camp-out event is laughably inane compared to the visceral enjoyment of watching a PS4 burn up, or getting the crap shot out of it by a .50 cal. round.

So. One minute, 44 seconds (roughly). That's the time to beat, Xbox One, because for sure you are getting it next.


    The console the lasts the longest will reign supreme this generation lol

    Remember to MUTE the video after he opens the microwave... It's safe once the high pressure cleaner is gone - the guy suffers volume-induced clipping to hell and back during that time!

      That guy is psycho

        On one hand you have to applaud this man for finding an outlet for his pyromania; on the other hand... Yeesh!

    You COULD get it, take the time and care to separate the melted plastic case in a way to preserve the shape and fit it too a de-cased working PS4, and that would be a cool case mod

    This is not art, it's a rich douchebag being an ass. I hate it every time Kotaku or any other site gives this guy the light of day and promotes his crap.

      Its no different to Will It Blend and I doubt he is all that rich, people love watching shit like this and it doesn't do any damage to the brand so more than likely the devices he is destroying are given to him to be nuked.

        Will It Blend videos rub me the wrong way too. And while he might not be a millionaire, he's still very 'rich' compared to the poor Chinese kid who had to pull 80 hours shifts to crank out PS4s in time to meet Christmas demand. I'm sure he gets enough views and kickbacks view YouTube to offset the console, but 'defective' or no, it feels so wasteful.

          Oh yes, those poor kids are so much more impacted because the product was paid for and destroyed than say by you buying it and and the games for it and not donating that money to charities to stop the problem, spare me your armchair activism, it's borish and doesn't even remotely ring sincere

            Calm the fuck down. I'm not raging against a made-up machine by demonising Chinese manufacturing, or demanding international aid send to Foxconn. I'm merely saying that it feels gross to me, personally, that beyond the thought and care that comes into designing something like the PS4, some unfortunate soul has to pull double shifts to help it meet a holiday deadline... only to be destroyed by some YouTube personality and you partly handwave it away with "I doubt he's rich."

            You have no right to accuse me of armchair activism. You don't know what sort of tech sympathies I have, or my history of charitable work or donations. You're laying a garden path based on wild assumptions simply because I said I find videos like this wasteful. Destroying something you paid for? That's his prerogative. This world we live in? Full of haves and have-nots, it's not going to change anytime soon. But if we're taking advantage of cheap manufacturing to produce our toys, the least we could do is not microwave it for YouTube hits. It takes a special kind to white-knight Will It Blend I also don't think you know what boorish (sic) means.

              No I think I hit the nail on the head with that one. Yes how dare I speak out for personal expression when someone comes along accusing people of exploitation because they choose to do something left of centre of that items intended use, especially when doing so has no effect what so ever on the person who is complaining's life.

                I accused him of exploitation? That's news to me. Yes, that YouTube personality is the root of third world exploitation! He's the foreman in that PS4 Foxconn plant. He's also that rubber plantation owner. Oh and I almost forgot! He's the bad guy in Blood Diamond.

                In case you couldn't separate two disparate thoughts in your brain, I'm not laying the box of 'exploitation' at his door. I'm saying that if you're fortunate enough to have a lifestyle where purchasing a PS4 is even an option, then the least you could do is appreciate it. If it borks like many launch consoles do, then take advantage of the many avenues for a refund or return. Microwaving it and destroying any hope of exchange is extraordinarily wasteful, beyond the usual 'lights on in an empty room' or 'didn't use both sides of a sheet of paper.' I'm not saying it's artistically bankrupt, but wasteful and your inability to accept that opinion without going into some bizarre ideological spiel is baffling.

                  I know I'm not on IGN anymore when I witness a debate with grammar and thought like this :)

        My problem is more what he does with it. Fine, he paid for the console so he can do whatever he likes. What pisses me off is that he's selling the result as "art" when in reality it's just random destruction. Also when he gets promotion from sites like Kotaku it's justifying his crass actions.

          Ah so you're an art critic now? People can call what they like art, just because you don't think it is doesn't make it true, I don't think Blue Poles has much merit as art but it still hangs in the national gallery and was paid for at a great cost, so some people pay a lot of money for what they, and some don't, consider art.

          So how does what someone pays for this directly impact on you? Not at all you say? Not surprising. How does his actions directly impact you? Not at all? As I suspected. Don't like it, don't watch it, much like most controversial art, nobody is forcing you.

            At first, I was wondering where your misplaced anger was coming from. Is it just a big chip on the shoulder, or is he just callous by nature? Then I saw that you think no-one has a right to an opinion unless it directly impacts them. Wonderful.

            I see what you're trying to do, goading people into saying that this YouTube guy is a big meanie for destroying a console, so you can then accuse us of being hypocrites for also buying expensive gadgets made by the sweat and tears of Chinese labourers but no deal. I also think you're confusing the expressions 'out of the left field' and 'left of centre' but that's another can of worms.

    How "non-working" are we talking about to not want to at least attempt a warranty claim? It is after all brand new.

    People who waste the latest technology like this by microwaving, shooting, throwing at the ground or some other creative means of destruction simply to be the "first" to destroy something is sad.

      It's even worse when you look at where these companies source these minerals from to make the electronics we then inadvertantly just waste for the sake of "entertainment"

        Lol because they are put to such a better use sitting in your living room, are you kidding or just kidding yourself?

          Actually being used for its intended purpose is probably putting it to better use.
          Oh and as for the stuff in it. In its previous state parts of it are recyclable after microwaving it's landfill.

          Last edited 18/11/13 9:57 am

            Thanks - cant be bothered biting the dumb trolls' comments. I think its actually quite a valid concern - next launch there will be 20 more copycats because its the cool thing to do - Overall its only a symbol of our undying love for consumerism and buying buying buying!

    His money, so he can do what ever he wants with it.... But that doesn't make it any less sad that there are people out there getting PS4's DOA or short-lived and yet here is a (presumably) working PS4 being microwaved. *sigh*

    EDIT: take that back, misread the article and didn't listen to the audio so missed the bit about it not working. Still sad nevertheless lol

    Last edited 17/11/13 12:16 pm

    Why is shit like this a trend? Same as the moron who shoots things with a 50CAL

    Oh... and while we are it, can someone explain why i would want to watch a website/review/whatever page "live stream" them playing a game? How is this also a trend that people enjoy? Every second tweet is "watch us play blah blah for 30 minute" - WHY? Why the fuck would I want to do that/

    /end sunday rant

      Throw in 'unboxing videos' in there. I understand people wanting to know the contents of a box they just bought but now there unboxing videos for goddamn everything on YouTube. It's product fetishism of the highest order, with the host slowly peeling back the plastic screen protector, rubbing his fingers along the virginal anodised aluminium, etc. STOP.

        Oh good pick up, I completely forgot about those stupid videos!

    What a douche. I despise these videos, and I despise people who enjoy them.

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