How To Make Dark Souls Even More Stunning

The quality of fan-made video game songs can tell a lot about a game's community. Keeping this in mind while watching Lordvessel by Tanooki Suit above — you can easily tell that Dark Souls has a pretty damn awesome community. The song might sound a bit Linkin Park-ish, but surprisingly it fits really well with all the custom gameplay in the video.

Manly tears will be shed.

Dark Soulson: "Lordvessel" by Tanooki Suit [YouTube]

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    You know, Dark Souls has one of the best communities I have ever seen in videogames. You would think that a game like Dark Souls would have the very worst based on its nature, but it doesn't.

    I kinda wish the Halo community was the same...

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      I think it's probably because of the niche the game fills. Takes a certain type of person to stick with it which is generally not the foul mouthed twitchy ADD type.

        Apparently a lot, sold like 2 million.

        Although, can you imagine if the Codkids were in Dark Souls? EA takes the franchise and turns it into Dark of Duty, or Call of Souls.

    i really hope dark souls 2 capture the same feelings.

      having played the PS3 beta I am both of yes and no opinion. The setting and style yes but a little bit of the game play mechanics are off.

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