How To Talk To Your Children About The New Angry Birds Update

There's a new update for Angry Birds available today, transforming the Bomb Bird's explosions into highly-destructive electrical pulses. Your children will have questions about this update, and the accompanying trailer. We've got answers.

How many updates are Rovio going to make?

All of them.

How does a Bomb Bird become an Electrified Bomb Bird?

When two Bomb Birds love each other very much, and one of the becomes electrified, that one is an Electrified Bomb Bird. The other one really doesn't matter. You'll understand when you are older.

How much does the free update cost?

Are you really that stupid? Oh dear, come back. I didn't... oh great, now she's crying.

How come the Bomb Bird can hold a tea cup, but has to use his nose to play Angry Birds?

It's telekinesis that allows the Bomb Bird to hold a tea cup. Telekinesis allows limbless cartoon characters to grasp physical objects. It does not, however, register as contact on today's sophisticated touchscreen devices. That's why he plays with his nose. Also, it's called a beak.

When can I play the new Angry Birds update, available today on iOS and Android?

Finish Dark Souls and we'll see.


    Why won't this whored out series die already.

      $ plus a little more $ then maybe add a few $$$ to the end of those.

    This might be the best work Fahey's done in a long time.

    Are the Angry Birds stealing powers from the Infamous series now?

    Wonder if this update will come to any of the console platforms... and if they do...

    Angry Birds Update DLC - $25!!!

    I still can't believe the amount they are trying to charge for individual versions of the game on the PS3/Vita/360, etc...

    Why are they changing the bomb?

    Aren't people bored of Angry Birds yet? It's getting like CoD, except faster because instead of bringing out a new game every year or so they bring out something new in God knows how long.

    Friends don't let friends have Birds that are Angry... or candy that crushes for that matter

      My fiance got onto that. Swore she'd give up by level 20. Level 163 I staged an intervention. Level 182 I gave up. Level 225 she finally uninstalled it

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