How Trophies Work On PS4

How Trophies Work On PS4

Trophies on the PlayStation 4 are coming back with a twist. Sony's new console won't just store your achievements — it'll tell you the rarity of each Trophy you earn.

We saw the new feature in action today during a demo of the PS4's system interface at a big press event tied to the console's Friday launch.

The system will list each Trophy a player has earned and will classify them as common, rare, very rare, or ultra rare. Trophies are still also designated as bronze, silver, gold and platinum to denote the difficulty in obtaining them. Rarity, however, is a dynamic quality that will be calculated online across the PlayStation userbase. A Trophy might prove rare because it is tough to get, or it might be rare because few people have bothered to play the game it's in. Rarity can change over time.

As best we can tell, the rest of the PS4's Trophy system matches what is on the PS3 and Vita. Earning Trophies still fills a progress bar that gradually levels up the numerical rank of the person who earned them. Trophies still have to sync online. They can still be earned offline.

The PS4 Trophy interface lists Trophies that the player has earned on PS4, PS3 and Vita.

We will have plenty more about the PS4 as the week progresses.


    I'll have my steak ultra rare thank you. Don't you caramelise all my lovely steak juices like those lowly COMMON steak peasants. Steak snob

    Last edited 13/11/13 6:08 am

    Steam. Thank you.

    this is pretty cool... 360 cheevo whores use to calculate this sort of thing... but i like this being built in... :)

    Sounds cool, it's kinda like the way steam shows the percentage of players who have an achievement. I like it. :)

      Yeah, having an arbitrary classification of rareness doesn't mean a lot but seeing on Steam that you are part of the 0.1% that got that achievo at the bottom of the list is pretty special.

    This was always one of my favourite things about Steam achievements. Good to see it's turning up officially elsewhere, and (hopefully) just as simple to use.

      Not only that, my steam profile prominently displays my rarest achievements. They're all for the same game...

    Yet they still need to be synched separately. smh.

      What does that mean?

        Sydney Morning Herald. nah, Shaking My Head.
        but really...
        It's probably something to do with a patent...
        MS applied to patent achievements for watching tv...

          It's not a patent.

          Unless you believe Apple and Valve are paying Microsoft for their achievement system to work the same as Microsofts. In which case, I worry for you.

          This is plain and simple a stupid oversight on Sony's behalf and a slight inconvenience for those who care. The bigger concern, is that if Sony haven't got THIS right after having so many years to learn from their mistake, what else isn't fixed about this OS?

            i was being silly, whenever an app on my phone changes the way it deals with something (mms for example) i jokingly say, 'oh apple must have a patent for that'

            i didn't realise that auto syncing is tied to ps+.. i've had ps+ for a fair while now.
            my bad ;)

          I mean the syncing thing. What's the deal with that?

    This sounds good... looking forward to loading up my PS4 and checking this whole thing out. I've deliberately avoided all the interface videos so I can experience it for myself.

    Hmm... nope, I still don't care about trophies.

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