I Can't Stop Watching This Fan GIF

I Can't Stop Watching This Fan GIF

You know, I've never really thought how a fan oscillates. It's never occurred to me to ponder for a second the way it moves and does its fan thing. But now I can't stop watching this magical GIF explanation. So fascinating.

This was originally shown on Japanese educational television. Educational, it is!

こういう「仕組み」がわかるGIFとか画像あげてけ [Hayabusa]


    Its official...He snapped

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      I have much to learn from Ashcraft. Kotaku readers always bite the bait.

    Let's see someone try and defend this.

      Well, if you were one of Bashcraft's fans..

      I'd say I'm sorry but that would be a lie.

        My head is now oscillating.

        Also obligatory: That blows.

      It's a preview for a new indie game, "Fan Oscillator 2: Blown Away." The goal of the game is to stop the fan from oscillating at JUST that point where it's providing a nice breeze, but not pointing directly at you.

      They're planning additional DLC where you use a Dyson.

    This one time I saw how a totem tennis set worked, and I was totally like, WTF man, Dave's not here!

    Just kidding, I'm not stupid.

    I'm seeing some hate, but honestly this fills in a gap in my knowledge of the world that probably never would have been filled. so.. cool?


    Fans, how do they work? You can't explain that can you... oh, you can. It's good to know Kotaku has our back for the pressing questions in the gaming industry.

    OMG as always GREAT gaming news, at least it wasn't stolen from IGN like everything else

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