I Have Seen The Future, And The Future Is Grand Theft Auto On The Oculus Rift

This set up is incredible. Take Grand Theft Auto IV. Place it in the first person view. Take the Oculus Rift — put it on your face. Then take a Cyberith Virtualiser plate to allow your physical movements to translate to motion. Next use Wii Remotes to let you, um, punch things.

Now you have a life changing video game experience.

It's Grand Theft Auto — as close as I could imagine it working — on the Oculus Rift. It has convinced me that a virtual reality video game future is actually attainable. Sure, this technology would be expensive to put together, but how expensive really? I would willing pay for something like this as a package. I would buy that absolute shit out of it.

Just give me this, a bucket to pee in and a lifetime supply of porridge. I'm checking out. I'm done with real life.

Via Gizmodo.


    Huh. Never even heard of the Virtuliser thing before, only the Omni. Interesting how it lets you sit down like that.

    Just give me this, a bucket to pee in and a lifetime supply of porridge. I’m checking out. I’m done with real life.

    I'm sure Heizy wont mind..

    I must confess while I am curious about products like the Virtualiser and the Omni, one of the most elegant systems I saw for controlling the rift was with a wii balance board. I just can't imagine playing 6 hours of Day Z in either the Omni or Virtualiser.

    I have however had a chance to run GTA4 with the first person mod on my Oculus and it truly was glorious.

      can you tell me more about the wii balance board

      i bought it but the novelty wore off quick but i have heard of so many uses for it

      this would be an awesome one

    Yeah - our lab is going to order a bunch of rifts based on that flight sim video you posted the other day. Although it doesn't simulate movement, it seems to be more immersive than our very expensive flight simulator.

    I'm also planning to buy one for myself once the consumer version is released.

    This is the sort of the thing modern day arcades should have. Pop $5 in and give it a go......

    This type of VR won't become widely adopted. For the simple reason that gamers are not athletes, and gaming like this for extended sessions would cause exhaustion. Remember all those stories of gamers dying or starving themselves because they were too focused on playing games?

    The only VR that will become widely adopted as much as current consoles are, is when we can actually control a VR body, inside a VR world.

      Oh god, another Sword Art Online fanboy/fangirl.

    Disagree with @akuma07. Agree with Mark Serrels - I would buy the shit out of this. Something that lets me play games and get fit at the same time? WIN. Going for a run is boring. Running away from zombies (or Orcs, or dragons, or the guy with a machine gun) is exciting, entertaining and gets the adrenalin really pumping.

      I completely agree with you. Imagine how this would revolutionize gaming, and maybe even lower obesity rates! We would have obese gamers up and running again, and actually having fun.

    Nah, the future is Minecraft on the Oculus Rift.

    Seriously though, the rift for me works best when seated, driving and flying games for the win. I want someone to write a driving FPS...

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