I Want This Xbox One Controller Because I Am A Broken Person

My favourite thing about the Xbox One is the controller. Hands down. It's not that different from the Xbox 360 controller but it just looks nice. It also feels nice in my little 'handy-wands' (it's a technical term). But now that I've seen the controller that Microsoft employees get with their fancy white Xbox One? MY NEW BLACK ONE IS RUBBISH. URGH.

Posted today on Reddit, the white Xbox One controllers say 'I MADE THIS'. They look great in the way that things that are the opposite of the thing you have always look.

On Xbox 360 I always though the black controllers that came with the Elite were the best, because I had the white ones. Now that I have a black controller I now want the white one.

This is the frailty of the human condition at work. We are all broken people in a fallen world.

This is the Xbox One controller that Microsoft staff now own with their exclusive white consoles [Reddit]


    Human condition or not, the white looks damn good.

    Just think of all that extra cleaning to keep it looking sweat and grime free Mark.

      Ever cleaned the gap between the top and bottom shell of the xbox 360 controller? I collected so much gunk (skin, sweat and lord knows whatever else) in there. Thorough hand wash followed that incident.

        Never owned an XBox, so I can't comment on that, but I have cleaned enough controllers to know the feeling. *shudders*

      I have white controllers that are still clean, but I don't sweat when I game however I have noticed a lot of my shut in mates who don't do any sports or excersize sweat heaps when they play...


      A better alternative is a can of white Plasti Dip, just spray it on and peel if off when you don't want it anymore (or a convenient way to clean it).

        I was going to suggest Plasti-Dip, but I wondered how it would hold up to constant handling.

    I was going to say buy the glossy white one from here, but its gone, orange looks great

      Damn, that orange one looks awesome.

      Are these ripoff controllers, or are they the real-deal, just with a new case/sticker? I still have nightmares about the third-party gamecube controllers I bought once. Never again.

        Unofficial modifications of official controllers.

        Evil controllers sell modded controllers for both current gen and next gen.
        Sometimes the mods are changes to button colours, or painted... others include rapid fire buttons.

        Last edited 21/11/13 12:43 pm

    Take solace in knowing it will turn a dirty brown white in time, and you would look upon it in disdain

      Put the white one in the display cabinet.

      Own it, look at it, marvel over it with friends. Use a Black one.

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