​If Only The Xbox One Were Actually This Tiny

 If Only The Xbox One Were Actually This Tiny

The Xbox One is not a small console. In fact, it's the biggest console currently in my entertainment center. But what if it were tiny? No, I mean really tiny.

This 3D-printed Xbox One model comes from Dave Nunez, who has made several other very cool 3D-printed gaming console models in the past. If you have a 3D printer, you can get the schematics over at Thingverse and print one of your own.

Another angle:

 If Only The Xbox One Were Actually This Tiny

Aw, look at the little guy.

And yeah, ok, this might be a little small for a gaming console. But think how easily it'd fit in among your other stuff! Though if you wanted Kinect to hear you, you'd probably have to whisper.

Check out Nunez's blog for more very nifty, very tiny 3D printed gaming consoles.

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    Pretty cool model, but dat title.

    I know you used the qualifier 'console' describing the things in your entertainment center, but the Xbox One is smaller than my HTPC and my reciever (two big black boxes in my entertainment center). How small should it be?

      I recently build a HTPC and that about half the size of a xbone

        Same here

        Oh good. So I take it you can play GTA5 on it at high detail then? No? Weird.

          You can't on the Xbox One either.. Moot point.

            Bahaha, well played.. (even though I did say HIGH detail, not highest :P)

              Oh right, so a PS3 then :P and at best that's average detail hahaha.

          I should be able once it's out

          Case has been slightly modified to accommodate the behemoth gpu.

        Even a full height card would be taller than an Xbox One.

        I just looked it up, full size PCI is 107mm, the Xbox One is 80mm. My sound card and graphics card are taller than the Xbox.

        You'd be hard pressed to fit a decent machine in the space you are claiming, what does your HTCP run with?

        Last edited 26/11/13 4:45 pm

          Side mount with a riser is an option, but I doubt he used that. Half height graphics cards can't perform for shit either.

      The XBOX One is huge. There's no denying it. Not that I care. How often am I going to move this thing?

        Before I answer can you let me know whether you own a three ton truck or not?

          Oddly enough I actually am looking at buying one. =S

    After reading how big the reviews have been saying it is I was actually surprised by the size. Not nearly as big as everyone is carrying on a bit. Still a buttload smaller than my PC rig.

    My X-box is so small you can't even see it.

    I quite like its size, it serious and I'm not scared its going to overheat.

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