In Grand Theft Auto V You Can Totally Taser A Shark

The Grand Theft Auto V Mythbusters series is probably my favourite thing about Grand Theft Auto V! This is the seventh episode of the YouTube series and I would have thought they might have run out of ideas but noooooo. Trying to taser a shark? Why didn't I think of that...

There are a couple of other doozies in there as well. The shark tasering thing is the best, but coming in a close second is transforming GTA Online into a digital version of Being John Malkovich. Yeah that's pretty awesome. I won't spoil it too much, but it seems that it is possible to make transform Grand Theft Auto V into a weird parody of that crazy scene in The Matrix where Agent Smith clones himself a bunch of times. Pretty cool.


    What I got out of this is that @markserrels has only seen the trailer of Being John Malkovich where everyone is Malkovich. It's a good movie.

      Most, if not all, of Charlie Kaufman's stuff is awesome. Especially Adaptation.

      I watched BJM at the cinema when you were prob still in diapers!

        You weren't meant to tell anyone I was in diapers until I was 13.

    totally not scary

    Sure you can kill sharks in interesting ways, but after playing Far Cry I'm always disappointed now when I kill animals and can't skin them to craft larger wallets or holsters.

      Assassin's Creed 4 has that covered, u can skin land and sea animals :D & craft all kindsa stuff

        I have been doing that SO. HARD. So much crafty/collecty.

        Nothing quite like exploring every single point of interest and conquering it completely to reveal which things are locked by the story. :P
        "Dammit, why is that one section of the map unconquerable?! What's going ohhhhh mission. ...Teaching me how to take forts. I seeeee."

          yeah, my weekend was consumed by AC4, early maxed out all my ship's stats, claiming all the Man o' War's for my fleet :D, the naval combat is so good.
          Edit: I kept doing things just before i got the tutorials, like i took over a fort & the very next main quest was the tutorial mission for it, there were a couple other things like that, I think i'm doing it wrong :P

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    Multiple you's all fighting! Which NPC you will win?

    The part where the clones are fighting is a tad closer to The One, don't'cha think?

    [Edit] - Also, doesn't anyone other than myself wanna know if you can latch a tow truck with a cargo bob while it's towing a tow truck, towing a tow truck, towing a tow truck, towing a tow truck....?

    Maybe just me...

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